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Monday, January 28, 2008

Queen Majesty Riddim


It should already be apparent my affinity for Studio One Reggae classics. Unfortunately, I haven't been giving enough time to another HUGE force in Foundation Reggae. Duke Reid's The Trojan was one of the most popular Sound Systems of it's time. Alongside hit Soul, and Rhythm & Blues records of the day, Reid's soundsystem helped to promote the rise of Ska music. Reid started Treasure Isle records, named after his Liquor store, and cut a major portion of important Foundation tunes.

Many may recall my favorite scene in motion picture history from "Rockers", where Dirty Harry and Horsemouth take over a discoteque, and tell the DJ he's playing too much Disco. The result is Dirty Harry tossing the DJ out of the booth, locking the door, and announcing "I & I come to change the mood" over the microphone as the Queen Majesty Riddim's intro rips through the soundsystem.

The Techniques-Queen Majesty

The Techniques' "Queen Majesty". This riddim has stood the test of time, and still get regular play on Soundsystems throughout the world. The Techniques cut other major classics, including "Love Is Not A Gamble", the Riddim of which is another highly reproduced one. This tunes breaks the ice everytime.

Dennis Alcapone-My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million
Duke Reid also helped usher in the Era of the Deejays, having such Toast Masters under his roof as U-Roy, and Dennis Alcapone. When it comes to Foundation Deejays, Dennis Alcapone's catalog of versions finds his voice on top of some of the greatest Riddims of all time.

U Roy-Chalice In The Palace

U-Roy's "Chalice In The Palace", one of his definitive tunes, and kills!

Tenor Saw-Roll Call
Just to show some later variations of the Riddim, as well as give some space to one of my favorite Reggae artists of all time, here is "Roll Call" by the late Tenor Saw. This is an old time dancehall anthem, equipped with electronic claps. I will one day get more in depth on Tenor Saw, but for now this should do the trick.
Tenor Saw-Roll Call

Sizzla-Just One Of Those Days
Once again, the intro to this riddim sets the dance goers up for a smasher. This time, Sizzla Kalonji introduces himself with his signature vocal cry, and all hands in the place seem to reach for the sky. If you are playing for Reggae fans, then you will hear the whole place singing along, guaranteed.

Plenty other versions out there, so let me know what else you find.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ranking Weezy


Sizzla Ft. Lil' Wayne-The Only Reason (Reggae Club Re-Edit)
Originally it's Lil' Wayne featuring Sizzla & T-Streets. Since Ranking Weezy's ridiculous Dancehall chat kicks the record off, I decided to make the tune more Dancehall friendly by having Kalonji from the start. Pretty interesting track, and it's hot off the press (What does "Hot Off The Press" translate to in 2008?)

To be honest, it's pretty embarassing that I've put Lil' Wayne twice on my page this month, and I'm not even really feelin' Weezy that much. Many will disagree with my distaste for Weezy, but I can't front, he holds it down. Here's another joint while I'm muddying up my face...

RappaPomPom-Lil' Wayne Ft. Junior Reid

Jump It!

Queen Of The Minstrel Riddim

Queen Of The Minstrel Riddim

Cornell Campbell's career became history early on in his career when his original vocal group The Eternals recorded the Studio One staple "Queen of The Minstrels". The intro hornline has been etched into the reggae timeline, and returns the listener to the Old Time Dances of Jamaica's yesteryears. I've compiled a number of versions here, including the Studio One original.

Notables included are the Studio One versions, featuring Dennis Alcapone, Sugar Minott, and Glen Washington as well as the Dub Specialist version. Also included is the wicked Billy Boyo version and dub. There are many more versions out there, this will give you a kick start.

When discussing Foundation tunes, one cannot help but to bring up this classic riddim. Old Time Jumper!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rising from the Ashes of 2007


Burnt the fuck out! That's really all I can say after the past 6 nights of San Diego party rockin'. People can say what they want about Daygo, but I been in the midst of some serious Jumper shit this week.

Wednesday night: Morena Club w/Dash Eye. Kicked off the end of the year burning with a ramming session at everyone's favorite Reggae Dive in Daygo.

Thursday night: Benefit for the fire victims with Slightly Stoopid. These are some homies from High School that have been having emense success with their music. The party was bananas.

Friday night: DJ'd for Sugabear's rap show, then went to a barely populated set at House of Blues. Still tiring.

Saturday night: Not only the last Landlord Jim's Saturday of 2007, but the last "regular" night. This Saturday is the last night Landlord's is open, so make your way through. Guest host Sonny Phono in the house, and it will be pure debauchery!

Sunday night: Sister Nancy at our new Reggae Sunday night jumpoff. Sold off before 10:00pm. Wicked. Here's a cell phone clip I found on youtube. Quality sucks, but you'll get the picture. Even caught Mike Czech up in the spot, cuz apparently he burnt down his party before he even touched the tables. "Fire, Fire, We Don't need no water...."

Monday Night: New Years Eve at the Waterfront. This place is a sleeper. Mad dancing and overall good vibes. Kind of bonkers if you ask me....

All in all, I'm ready for another great year. Thanks to all who made it out to one, or all of the above events.

Here's to another year of Jumpers.