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Friday, August 31, 2007


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I was thinkin of doin a political post, and thought, why? I just want a reason to rant today. Politics is just another game I don't really like to watch, similar to Baseball. Basically they both pay their players way too much money to stand around and adjust their jocks, catch a couple flies (Like any good piece of shit does), and take advantage of as many photo ops as possible. They are in the game for decades, but only really get about 4 years of fame (Some 2, some more).


Which leads my brief rant to another point of agitation! Rage Against The Machine. I missed their show in San Francisco, and been bent since. I was thinkin about Rage. Their significance in Rock N Roll history, as well as political history. To rock, they were another "Message" band, and I bought right into it. Being in that place in my life, where I wanted to rebel against everything I saw fit. Rage was a good vehicle, and resource, as well as Political Editorial. They rocked the boat during the Clinton Era, at a time when The President was villified for his Sexual dealings.

Rage was there when we needed a kick in the ass, but then they disappeared when we really needed them. When the Neo-Cons took advantage of the 911 trgedy to implement the beginning of their New World Order, there was no voice of dissent. Seems ironic that when the world most needed RATM, they were busy performing with Soundgarden guy (Chris something or other). When we really needed to stick it to the man, We were getting introduced to 50 Cent.

I'm not mad at Rage, especially since they kill it. Just a shame that at a time when they could have had the biggest impact on the USA, they were nowhere to be found...

And what's up with Zach's Hip-Hop album? Anybody care to send me a leaked version that I have never seen or heard before?

Instead of posting a Rage tune, here's a little jumper that'll bring it all together for you. Jump It.

The Chequers-Get Up Stand Up

Have a good weekend!

JUST ADDED: Like a partial answer to my prayers, the dudes at Wake Your Daughter Up were on the same wavelength. Check it. A partial answer to my query: WAKE YOUR DAUGHTER UP

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Human Beat Box

My apologies for the recent Reggae overload. I get into modes where I'm stuck on Reggae all month. Here's something to break it up.
The Human Beat Box is the Rawest form of Rap (along with bangin on the lunch tables). You dont need a mic, or a DJ, or a sound system. Just two motivated individuals (In some cases, just one) and some time, and the session is on.
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Fat Boys-Stick'Em

Thanks to the Fat Boys, I was turned onto Hip-Hop at an early age. in 1985 there was a TV commercial for Swatch Watches (Goin WAY back) that featured The Fat Boys. I had heard Hip-Hop before that, but didn't have any faces to reference. Thus, my first Cassette purchase was the self-titled Debut from the crew originally known as The Disco 3.

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Doug E. Fresh & Ricky D.-La-Di-Da-Di

I used to hear one of my homies singing this song, and I always wanted to hear it. I finally scored a copy of it on a Dr. Dre Mixtape from 86 called "The Show". When I first heard it, and realized it was a beat box tune, I was hooked!

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This is another I originally picked up on one of those Rodium Swap Meet Mixes from Dr. Dre. I never got my hands on the wax though, until the 90's, and it eventually got warped. I just found another copy at our local swap meet last year, and it still gets play!

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Biz Markie-One,Two

Just straight classic!

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3 Minutes of Beat Box-T La Rock

If you are a Hip-Hop Dork enough to comb the net for Classic Hip-Hop Blogs, you are a Dork enough to already know this is GREG NICE on the beat box. I remember using these sounds to scratch on from the "Toasted Marshmellow Breaks" Scratch Record that came out in the mid-90's. This is just a bonus...

NOTABLE MENTIONS: Of course Rahzel!!! Search for that Tim Westwood show featuring Black Thought, RZA, & Poetic freestyling over Rahzels rundown of beats from his mouth. Real Nice! ALSO this years release of Stephen Marley's "Traffic Jam" with Jr. Gong and Buju feature a beat box over the bassline from "Answer" riddim.

Jump It!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


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His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari

link deleted

The African Brothers: Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard.

Monday, August 27, 2007

THUNDERBALL!!! Lee Scratch Perry

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Just to jump on the Lee Perry Blog bandwagon...You gotta watch the whole thing!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


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Reggae selection is a constant learning process for me. Like a puzzle with the pieces that can only be found in the many, many reggae releases available. Collecting every possible tune in every Riddim set is a chore that, as maddening as it is, is very educational. Making the connection between two riddims, to one single original tune, and discovering remakes and versions through the decades has made my brain a breathing data base.
Many Riddims find their creation in the early Rocksteady phase of Reggae's history, most likely from Duke Reid's Treasure Isle camp, or Coxsone Dodd's Studio One camp. This post is a brief focus on the latter, with a couple of original versions of Legendary Riddims.

Get In The Groove (AKA I Need A Roof) Riddim
link deleted
You may recognize this Riddim from Tunes like John Holt's Up Park Camp, Barrington Levy's Shine Eye Girl, and Mighty Diamonds' I Need A Roof. You can also hear a newer version of this Riddim on Ray Darwin's People's Choice

Full Up (AKA Kutchie) Riddim
link deleted
This riddim gained international attention in the 80's with Musical Youth's Pass The Dutchie. The Riddim already had a prolific history with many versions of this Riddim being cut. Mighty Diamonds' Pass The Kutchie, Mykal Rose's Stalk Of Sensimilla, and Yellowman's Herbman Smuggling are examples that barely scratch the surface.

Darker Shade Of Black Riddim
link deleted
This Riddim reemerged this year in the form of Mr. Vegas' Lean Widit Rock Widit. You may also recognize the Riddim from Farkie Paul's Kushumpeng, Sizzla's Explain To The Almighty, and notable release on the newest version with Mitch's DJ.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

R.I.P. Max Roach

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Those of us who love the drums, are most likely already aware of Max Roach's contribution to Jazz Drumming, as well as Jazz music in general. He lived a long 83 years, and left behind a Master Drummer's legacy.

The D.O.C. Portrait Of A Masterpiece

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"It's the diggy diggy DOC y'all"

When NWA was out, I was copping anything Dr. Dre related. I searched for The World Class Wreckin Crew, Eazy E & Ron-De-Vouz, C.I.A. (Feat. Ice Cube), Above The Law, even Michel'le and Trinere. But nothing could even touch The D.O.C.'s "Noone Can Do It Better". This is Dr. Dre at some of his finest. The video for "It's Funky Enough" on Yo, MTV Raps, was the first thing I had seen or heard of The D.O.C.

After that, I heard the "The D.O.C. and The Doctor" with that wicked Funkadelic sample, and had to cop it. While he was down with the pioneering Gangster Rap camp N.W.A., his raps were more on the straight ahead rap tip over big production by Dr. Dre. You cannot go wrong with this album.

The D.O.C.-Whirlwind Pyramid

The D.O.C.-Portrait Of A Masterpiece

Hard to believe that Gangster Rap's Chief Producer was so jumpy back then, compared to his later, bouncier stuff. Unfortunately The D.O.C.'s second album is his attempt to ressurect his rap career after a car accident left his throat injured, and his voiced destroyed. While The D.O.C. was originally from Dallas (See Fila Fresh Crew), his style and flavor helped to balance Hip-Hop's most notorious Gangsters. To his credit, he is also responsible for writing alot of the lyrics found on the "Straight Outta Compton" album.

Cascades and Loc's. Things done changed...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

School Boy Crush: M.I.A.

My gal told me she had a crush on Mos Def.

I told her I would marry M.I.A.

Her new album "Kala" should be officially available August 21st. Pure madness!




Monday, August 13, 2007

Pressure-Love & Affection

Pressure is killing it right now. Alongside the masterful production of Don Corleon, how can he do wrong?

Serious end of the night Lover's Vibe!

Remixed Nuts

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My motivation behind this latest installment, is an attempt to post some tunes that NOBODY got. (Somehow Skipper will have these!)

These are some remixes I put together recently, and they get a pretty good response from those in attendance. Try em out if you like em...


This tune is great without the extras. I just gave it a little head knod, trying to pump up a seriously depressing song, via "Save The World" break.

NUMBER ONE KRISPY (RMX)-Sean Paul/Kinfolk Kiashine

Alot of folks are hatin' on Krispy, but the tune works wonders on the floor for some reason (Mike Czech: "Word To The Beastie Boys"). The vocals are a little older, but it's tried & true.

HOT FUCK (RMX)-Mr. Vegas

How many damn Hot Fuck remixes can you stomach? I tried to use a instrumental that is not as popular (So far), but still hits. Enter Mic Perri's "Body Talkin'". Uptempo, and hittin. "Body Talkin'" is usually a lead in to the remix, and can stand alone against many of the uptempo, summer joints.

BADMAN PLACE (RMX)-Busy Signal Feat. Mavado

This is the companion version to the Hot Fuck Remix, upon the "Body Talkin'" Riddim. Badman Place is one of those Dancehall tunes that has an uptempo riddim, that finds itself out of context outside of Jamaica. I'm not trying to take anything away from the tunes, cuz the original is slammin in my humble opinion. Just giving it a little more bump for Yankee taste.

Just like my brethren Dash explained "I'm over remixes". They can get to be too much, and alot of them don't work. If you like these, fling em...

Friday, August 10, 2007


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With the emphasis on Michael Prophet's original "Gunman", many versions of this riddim were released. Amongst these version are today's picks. One being the title track from the highly acclaimed "How The West Was Won" by the late Ranking Toyan, and the other from Rub-A-Dub's champion duo Michigan & Smiley with "Jah Army" from the album "Downpression".

The Players responsible for this wicked riddim, are The Legendary Roots Radics band produced by The Late, Legendary Henry "Junjo" Lawes, and mixed by The Legendary Scientist.

Alot of famous tunes from Junjo/Roots Radics/Scientist era are being repressed through the Jah Guidance label. These pressing are very high quality, thick pressing on 7" 45rpm discs. From the mastering, all the way down to the heavy sleeve make these 45s worth the extra dollar per record you will pay.
(If can get your hands on the CD pictured below, pick it up. "Righteous Are The Conqueror" is another Masterpiece featuring Prophet, Junjo, Roots Radics, and Scientist)

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My apologies for the low quality photos, but when you come check for me, the only thing official is the tunes!

Jump It

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Lockers

This is wusup!

MC LYTE: Eyes On This

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I've heard that DJs that use Serato need a crutch, and we take shorts, and other types of Fuckry. I thought Serato would be easier than it is. Not the actual mixing, and DJ functions, but the general data gathering and housekeeping. I been backing up here and there the past week,and flipping through some tunes I tend to neglect in an attempt to gather new ideas. I also pulled in some CDs from my whip that I copped from the Swap Meet, and realized I hadn't loaded up this MC Lyte CD I got for 50 cents. I been bangin this CD in the whip for the past couple of months, having bought the CD with the intention of adding it to my selection.

I finally popped this into my laptop, and began trying to purge tunes so that I could just take up space with the best of the best. It seems that I only opted to purge two, and those were even questionable deletes. Each beat I came across was bangin'.

This album is from the time when samples still rode without a hefty fee/fine/reem. Notable breaks from the J.B.'s and The Meters give this joint that sound that was unmistakably Boom Bap Hip-Hop. Stripped down beats, and rough rhymes take me back to a time when Hip-Hop blew my mind.

Production credits go to a pretty solid cast of characters: Marley Marl, Grand Puba, Parrish Smith, and of course Audio Two. The joints are filled with relentless battle rhymes, topped with a couple of stories from late 80's New York City.

You should probably already be familiar with this album, if so go throw it on after you read this. If you are not familiar...

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Sunday, August 5, 2007


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International Reggae Star, Jah Cure, was officially released from Tower Street Adult Correctional facility in Kingston, Jamaica. After nearly 8 years of incarceration, the man born Siccature Alcock, was released a few hours early since the authorities expected large crowds of supporters. For years the world has been chanting the mantra "Free Jah Cure", and their wishes have now been granted.
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Jah Cure has been more of a myth. A voice with only pictures of his face to match. He has released 3 albums while incarcerated, having had the opportunity to make use of a facility recording studio in the prison. Recent releases on the Don Corleon label, over the Drop Leaf Riddim (Longing For), and Seasons Riddim (Love Is) are considered to be his best of late. The sudden resurgence of One Drop Culture riddims has no doubt been due in part to Jah Cure's popular tunes.

The International Reggae community should be scrambling by now to put together shows for Jah Cure, and his appearances around Jamaica are guaranteed.
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Jah Cure has a new album, "True Reflections", which was released in correspondence with release from prison. Although this is a collection of his last group of singles he recorded in prison, it is a must have for Reggae enthusiasts.

Friday, August 3, 2007


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A Big Slapper for the Weekend

I recently made a voyage to the Yay Area, and brought back some Slap, including this gem. Produced by Rick Rok and starring Turf Talk. Big Up DJ Smoke-One for puttin me on to some Hyphy Bidniss.

Certified Slapper
Bring The Bass Back-Turf Talk

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Pickup the album "West Coast Vaccine (The Cure)". know

THE METERS: Funky Pioneers

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The Meters: Leo Nocentelli, George Porter Jr., Zigaboo Modeliste, Art Neville,

Of course, there is plenty of literature, write ups, opinions etc... concerning The Meters. Since I am not an authority in any way on New Orleans, or The Meters, I can only fan out on these dudes. I highly suggest tracking down a copy of Wax Poetics # 13 for a good read up on The Meters. They have supplied my life with a soundtrack for walking, driving, rapping, getting lifted, romancing, and all around getting funky.

2 Video Notables: 1) I want some of what Dr. John was having, 2) Zig's drum transition, and wicked perm.

When I was 18, I played guitar in a funky instrumental band around my neighborhood, and we attempted to cover two of their tunes, just out of love. While we did them no justice whatsoever, our whole band loved these cats.

One night Leo and Ziggaboo played at a local bar, and it crushed me that I couldn't get in. We opted instead, to hang out in the alley in back of the bar, where we could hear them perfectly, and drank forties. Even though it was not the whole original line-up, they were murdering shit!

The Meters Homepage
Wax Poetics Homepage

While their best stuff is mostly instrumental (In my opinion), I've included a nasty tune called "He Bit Me" about the knight and the dragon. Enjoy.

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