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Monday, June 30, 2008

Summertime Summertime

It looks like my summer is going to be alot busier than I thought. For my folks that know me, and check for me through this little humble webpage, I got some serious works coming up.

July 10th-14th
San Francisco-Sacramento-Berkeley

Thursday July 10th
I always like playin at Club 6IX, especially when my folks from Jah Warrior Hi Fi are in the house. This event is their weekly dancehall jumpoff, and the spot is always a good time. Basement vibes, and a wicked soundsystem.

Friday July 11th
My boy Esef in Sacramento does a surprise banger a block from the Capitol Building at Capitol Garage. The spot is not the biggest, but the vibes are huge, and the people are ready to wine it up. If you are anywhere near the area of DTown Sac, come shoot through...

Sunday July 13th

This is my favorite party in the Bay Area. Smoke-One has held down this party at the Shattuck Downlow, and has let me play there periodically for the past 4-5 years. It's usually what I look forward to when I go up there, whether I'm playin or not. Smoke always has big artists performing, and the place gets pretty mashing.

Wednesday July 16th

I'm off to visit all my Chamoro Chelus in Guam. I'm flying out to celebrate Liberation with the people, spin some music, and take part in a pre-promotion for the Jabawockees tour touching down on the Island the next week. I'm hoping to dig right into some parrotfish, and some red rice and finadene as soon as I touch down. I real hyped on making my way there again, cuz the place is serious paradise...
Fokai Familia, we'll be touching down on Fujita Road soon enough.

Thursday July 24th

I'm touching down in Oahu for a few days before I ship back to the states, and linking up with my boy H.O.P. for some certain hijinx. Last time we went, I slept outside twice, almost killed myself body womping atSandy Beach, jammed out on the north shore, and pretty much did whatever we could squeeze into 3 days.

Last time I was out, I was blessed to be able to take part in a party, "Redda Fire" hosted by Jahson The 45 Revolver at the Living Room in Fisherman's Wharf. Last time I played, I was pleseantly surprised by the Dancehall scene these guys were building, and was up till 4am on Bobo Roots and Patties. Really looking forward to this jump off.

I'll be touching back down in Daygo for a couple of days, but only to get my ducks in line for the next month. I'm jumping on a tour bus July 30th, and heading cross country on a full blown amphitheater tour (click for dates and locations) with Slightly Stoopid. I won't return till September, but I should be giving updates on our progress as we move.

I'll be joining acts, alonside Stoopid, like Pepper, and the original rhythm twins Sly & Robbie. Looking forward to taking in all that the different cities have to offer, and if I'm coming to your town, drop me line beforehand.

Stay tuned, and I'll give a nice load of tunes before I bounce. For now, here's Original Jimmy Cliff.

Jump It...

Hugh Knight

Monday, June 23, 2008


So I'm usually on some music stuff, of course, but alot of my people are heavy into Graff and Art. Hence I have put together a little collection of recent photos my man Soner has sent out from Dallas, Texas. Soner is originally from Daygo, but relocated some years back, and has been actively pursuing his art interests, and rocking out, in Dallas at a ferocious pace. He is constantly sending out flyers for different shows he puts on out there, and is obviously putting it down. I could go on about his talent and shit, but I'll let the flix do the talking...



For all those in the Dallas area, check out the upcoming Bragging Writes battle


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last weekend was another installment of the LA Rumble, one of California's biggest Sound Clash's. It was LA's Black Gold, OC's JFX, and SF's Jah Warrior Shelter. If someone would have asked me who would win, I would have put my money on Jah Warrior. Black Gold came through with Big Tunes though. Same with JFX. I am posting a link to the Audio so that you can find out for yourself. I'm also attaching a link to a segment we played on our Radio show Royal Jelly Reggae Show on which features pre-clash interviews with all the sounds, put together by my bredren Dash Eye. Check it out, and leave a comment on the outcome...

CLICK HERE for LA Rumble Audio.

CLICK HERE for Royal Jelly Pre-Clash Feature.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Millie Riddim

A Millie Riddim Pack<-------Link Up---

Lots of buzz about "The Carter III". Apparently Lil Wayne dissed all the mix tape DJs, and in return the DJs did their best to flood the net with a leaked version before it came out. It looks like their attempt to ruin Weezy's release failed, cuz on the first day he sold over 400,000 CDs. Weezy sounds as if most of his album is off the dome. Which makes me more of a fan. While I am foreign to Southern Slang, he nails it with this album. If you asked me who was King of the South, I would snatch that crown from T.I., and toss it to Weezy.

A Milli (Produced by Bangladesh) was instantly the big classic from this album. Murderous bass, and a stripped down rhythm that leaves lots of space for the MC. It took me having the album one day before I started finding all sorts of versions. I have compiled the best 4 that I've found (So Far) and zipped them up to form what I call "A Millie Riddim". This contains "Freestyles" from Jadakiss, New Comer Tyga, and a wicked version by Jay-Z called "A Billie". And of course the original.

I would say to the hip-hop community, MORE VERSIONS. I'm speaking of course in the Jamaican sense of the term. Having multiple artists on one beat is the shit (See Dancehall).

One more Weezy Bonus I just picked up, and we'll call it a weekend. This is a good one for the dancers.
Lil' Wayne-I

If anyone got some more versions to share, leave a link in the comments.
JUMP IT!...Baby Huey

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gangster Boogie

Let's Boogie...

This is from the days when Gangsters did more a than a little two step. The 1970's when Hard Drugs were taking over the streets, and big guns were readily available. Lincoln Continentals and Fur Coats. The early 70's, when the Crips were an organization who's goals were alligned with the Black Panthers. When Hollywood was glorifying the images of Black Pimps, and Hood Rich Criminals with style and finesse.

While these tunes aren't making reference to Gangsters, any Gangster will tell you these joints are on some Gangster Shit. Straight from my playlist, with the same title, these are some of my favorite Old School Jams that are guaranteed to leave gashes in your Carpet. Being born and raised on the West Coast, Old School funk goes hand in hand with Palm Trees, Lowriders, and Gunshots. San Diego Stand Up.

I can't think of a more important tune for the West Coast than this tune. The handclaps and bouncy, electro wah bass might as well be playing out of everyone car while cruisin'. Roger Troutman (RIP) not only revolutionized a whole genre of Hip-Hop in the late 80's and early 90's, his trademark Vocoder sound has returned in full force to mainstream music from Hip-Hop, to R&B, and believe it or not Reggae Dancehall. T-Pain should donate a percent to the Roger memorial fund. If you put this tune on, any real Gangsters in the place will take the floor in a flash.

If Popping and Locking have a Soundtrack, this would be the opening theme. Al Hudson & One Way are another group that pushed the West Coast sound in the same fashion as Zapp. While Cutie Pie is the main banger, this one is harder to me. Of course the vocoder is in full effect, and the bouncing bass will get your Robot hand moving.

Electro Bass at its finest. The opening 4 bars is a harbinger of the the funk that follows. While Fatback is even credited as putting out the first rap record, this tune is the clincher. A hitter with the Gangsters, as well as the Ladies it's as simple as blending in the intro and letting the tune blow. If you're looking for the good stuff, look no further. I'm attaching a special bonus with this tune that is a certified Gangster Party Hit!!!

Last but not least, the GREATEST Gangster Boogie Joint of all time. From the men who made your funk juicy. This is guaranteed to rock ANY party you play at. Even if there are no Gangsters in the house. This is just a great fuckin tune! Ladies and Gentlemen I present: Knee Deep!

As a bonus, I feel inclined to lace you with a quick Jamaican Gangster Banger.

Mavado-Nuh Bleach Wit Cream (Daybreak Riddim)

Shouts To Sonny Phono for gettin me on track with my Blog game...



Monday, June 2, 2008

R.I.P. Bo Diddley

Rock N Roll Pioneer Bo Diddley has just left us as a result of heart failure. He was 79.
If you love anything that has to do with popular music from America in the latter half of the 20th century, you already know what kind of influence Bo Diddley had on EVERYTHING!

Bo lives on in legend...

(Press pause on the above player then watch this BMF)