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Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is for my folks on the job, with nothing to do but check videos on the clock. I know bloggers have probably already touched on most of these already, but who cares,

This footage is priceless.
Muddy Waters & Sonny Boy Williamson-Mojo Workin

Punk Pioneers MC5. Understand these guys were playing in the late 60s, early 70s.
MC5-Kick Out The Jams More Kick Out The Jams

Certified Roughneck
Kimbo Slice Pt. 1 Pt. 2

I didn't quite understand the tune till I saw this. Brilliant.
Snoop Dogg-Sensual Seduction

If that didn't make sense to you, check this:
Zapp-I Can Make You Dance

This just don't make sense at all
Dose Vs. Math-Rap Battle Niether Does This

This movie is a bit of a wake up call. Take some time to peep it out
Zeitgeist The Movie

This video was more relevant than people knew. It still holds weight today. Remember pre 9-11?
Rage Against The Machine-Testify

Legendary Tommy McCook
Tommy McCook Interview

The Day Rock N Roll died

Old Time Killing
Ninjaman Vs. Super Cat-Sting 91

I'll end it on this note

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The face of Reggae music is constantly reconstructing itself. From the heart of 60's Jamaican Dance Music, through the heavy influence of Ras Tafari during the 70's, the electronic overhaul of the 80's, the harsh slackness and uptempo jump up riddims of the 90's, to a place where we can find all of these elements in new millenium Reggae. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a resurgence of Roots and Culture "One Drop" riddims and artists. As well, we have seen the melding of Dancehall and Soca riddims, creating a new "Bashment" flavor that is unique to this decade.

Each year a handful of new artists emerge, bringing a new flavor to the overall sound of Reggae. We also see older artists finding new hits, opening new doors to the younger generation. When all is said and done, the sound reigns above all other elements of Reggae fame, and outlives the timely controversy that seems to constantly surround the Reggae community.

The following five artists may not all be new on the scene, but have been making major waves, and major tunes over the past year. There are definitely others to be spoken on, but these artists are under my watchful eye and are promising to be forces in 2008.



Tarrus, son of Reggae standout Jimmy Riley, has been making Culture lovers melt this year with a handful of tunes that are very remarkable. His new album, "Parables" produced by another Reggae standout Dean Fraser, was released earlier in the year and drew a large mark with the hit single "She's Royal". Tarrus' lyrics are at times deep, and very thought provoking. Other times, they're sweet and filled with good vibes. His voice is memorable, and evokes the same type of feelings I got from hearing Garnett Silk. Tarrus is versatile enough to bless heavy one drop tunes, as well as float freely over faster, more aggresive riddims. I will be checking this youth very closely, and I suggest you do the same.
Get Tarrus Riley's 2nd album "Parables" HERE

Tarrus Riley-She's Royal

Tarrus & Jimmy Riley-Pull Up Selector



Hailing from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Pressure is a fresh new face on the scene. After stirring up much attention on his island with his stage performaces and his first release "The Pressure Is On". He apparently caught the attention of Jamican producer Don Corleon, who produced his latest effort "Love and Affection". The title track from this album is an instant classic, and begs crowded dances to sing along. Pressure seemlessly alternates between smoothe crooning, and rough chat to create a sound that is unique, full of potential, and always on cue with Rasta livity. Also notable, is how easily his music is embraced in Jamaica being an outsider in regards to his home. I know Pressure will be rising over the next year, and I am anxious to see what he has in store for us.
Get Pressure's music HERE

Pressure-Love & Affection

Pressure-Jah Alone



Munga is not new to the game by any means. He spent the early part of the decade touring with Reggae Superstar Capleton, and the later part rising to the top of the Reggae scene. With direction from Capleton, David House, and Don Corleon, Munga took his place, and seems to constantly find his name is Dancehall fans mouths. His release in 2006 "Bad From Wi Born" sparked a fuse that burned through the beginning of 2007, and exploded last summer. A quick rise to the top created alot of opposition from other artists, and constantly finds himself in beef. The latest, being a full brawl with artist Deva Bratt at the Stone Love 35th Anniversary after the two have been dueling at stageshows for the past month. Munga is known for his use of a vocoder, almost a signature, in nearly all of his singles. This makes him a close sonic comparison to American artist T-Pain. On the flip side of that coin, is Munga's use of Patois chat, and American rap to create a one of kind dancehall sound. Munga has also stirred up nuff controversy with his "Gangsta Ras" persona, attempting to bring together a gun friendly, gully attitude with a Rasta consciousness. With this ever tipping balance, Munga is able to touch on One Drop Culture tunes, as well as the roughest of Bashment riddims. When the smoke clears, Munga's sound is what will be remembered before the controversy that surrounds him. Munga would have been mentioned in a "Reggae for 2007" post, but I am still going to be watching closely to see whats next for the Gangsta Ras.
Get Munga Honorebel's Music HERE

Munga-Take My Place

Munga-Gangsta Ras



While having less vocal tunes under his belt than other artists here, Demarco has been belting out riddims on the production tip for years now. He has produced tunes for many American Hip-Hop artists, including Styles P, and Missy to name a few. He has returned to Jamaica to make his mark in the Dancehalls, and has been raising eye brows around the world. His recent success with his single "Fallen Soldiers" has made his name and voice more familiar. Also his stand out tune over a reworking of the African Beat riddim called "The Warning" features Styles P and is gaining crossover respect. I have a feeling Demarco's voice is going to become more recognized as he tirelessly works to make his Reggae mark.
Get some of Demarco's 7"s HERE

Demarco-Fallen Soldiers

Demarco Ft. Styles P.-Man A Murderer



"Muah ha ha ha ha"

How do I explain my fascination with Dr. Evil's tunes? Anyone who is easily offended by nasty lyrics should stay far from them. Anyone who thinks artists should be boycotted for their anti-batty boy stance should stay far as well. Anyone who hates Gangster Lyrics should just listen to something else. Dr. Evil shows no mercy or restraint, and has left fans of dancehall full of grins. Dr. Evil is an alias for Jamaican Singer/Producer Leftside, formerly of the duo Leftside & Esco. Leftside's evil twin was spawned as a novel promotion tune, and turned into a monster. Starting with "More Punanny" over the Galore Riddim, people's ear were assaulted by Dr. Evil's rapid chat, which sounds more like Eminem meets Austin Powers' Dr. Evil. This all by design. Just when you thought Dancehall couldn't get any madder, it has. So have the Hip-Hop Remixes on which he is featured. He makes no quams about stoking the Anti-Gay fire in the dancehall, lashing out at groups like OutRage from London, who have made it their goal to bring down all of Reggae music. Regardless of his blueprint for controversy, Leftside's delivery is sharp and precise. While the persona is a gimmick, and a novelty, his popularity is rising beyond what Leftside could have ever dreamed. I am keeping an eye on this artist because everyone needs a good laugh sometimes!
You might find some HERE but good luck.

Dr. Evil-More Punanny

Dr. Evil-See Dem A Pree

I ask that you support these artists, buy their music, send them myspace messages, ask your local Sounds to play their tunes, ask your local promoter to bring them out, introduce your peoples to newest Reggae sensations.

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Daddy Huey

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Never Too Many Alicia Keys Remixes?

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I gotta say, Alicia Keys' Single "No One" is murdering it in the dances right now. From Hip-Hop to dancehall, every crowd of ladies at every dance all sing alongside Alicia when the tune comes on. The tradition of Alicia Keys reggae remixes started from her first album, and many different remixes since then have come out. This new one however, has not only numerous Hip-Hop remixes, but 3 consecutive reggae remixes, all on different riddims. I have posted them in the order they appeared.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No One (Remix)-Alicia Keys Ft. Junior Reid

Junior is the king of Reggae crossover remixes right now, throwing his hat back in the ring over The Game's One Blood, then completely annhilating MIMS' "This is Why I'm Hot Remix". You can also find him popping up on a new Lil Weezy joint called "Rapapumpum", Fat Joe's "More Money", and a bunch of others. This is the first "No One" remix I came across, supposedly made by Black Chiney.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No One (Remix)-Alicia Keys Ft. Damian Marley

This is my favorite of the three. Alicia is flippin lite chat, in the form of Sister Nancy's Bam Bam melody, over a reworked version of Stagalag. Damian rocks only a brief couple bars, but the whole remix is a smash.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No One (Remix)-Alicia Keys Ft. Beenie Man

This version is a completely different approach, and is very nice. The acoustic guitar adds a wicked touch.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No One (Remix)-Alicia Keys Ft. Shaggy
A day after I post these three, I find another new remix. This time your boy Shaggy is throwing his hat in. Out of the four, this is my fourth favorite, but still nice!

I'm sure there are more to come, but I guarantee these are going to work for DJs playing at either a Hip-Hop, or a Reggae spot.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2007 5000

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I spend some time checkin for Blogs. Not an obsessive amount, but I check out what people are checkin out. I'm not deep enough in the game to have anyone talking about my blog, in their blog, or probably even in their AIM. I do check out alot, and my NEW UPDATED blogroll will reflect what I'm talking about. There is a whole sub-culture behind blogs: Comment Widgets, Piracy, Ettiquette, Marketing, RSS Feeds, Links, Long Winded Opinions, Photobucket. I check for Blogs more than the news, thats for sure. One thing I have definitely seen is the "Best of 200?" blog.

This year I started my blog, and I see you guys coming through to check it out. I'm not sure why, or how, but it's cool that people are shooting through. I have only spoken on myself a few times, assuming that only people that knew me would be checkin for my blog. So for my 2007 recap, I'm just going to introduce myself, in hopes that we'll get to know each other better in 2008.

3rd Grade: Began making Pause Mix Tapes off of the radio.
4th Grade: (84-85): Copped my first Rap Tape at the Swap Meet. Fat Boys "Fat Boys".
5th Grade: My First DJ gig. 50 bucks. Had a combo Cassette/Record Player home stereo, and switched back and forth. My Dad's Mic and Guitar Amp. Rap was not widely accepted, and the parents putting on the party found it too profane, and forbade me to play it. I was reduced to Radio Cassingles and a little Top Gun soundtrack.
6th Grade: My last DJ gig until after High School. Left my records out in the sun, hit the astro jump, the pool, then realized my records were fucked.
Jr. High (88-90): Made Mix Tapes for prospective girlfriends. Remember those?
High School (90-94): Fucked Around doing dumb shit. Freestyled and Drank 40s. Did graffitti. No DJing whatsoever. Learned how to make beats though.

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Met Disko Rick (1995): Joined First Power Crew. We had a weekly rap session in Disko's garage. Forty Ounce bottles and mad blunts. Sound familiar? At some point, most of the MCs in Daygo who were doing work, had slid through the spot. This where I learned to play Reggae records, being able to play tunes as people arrived, before the festivities began, Recorded my first songs on 4 track cassette over SP1200 beats from Disko.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Met Mike Czech (1997): Created a Rap group called Roundtable MCs with another fellow MC Wick. Put out three Albums: Roundtable MCs, Universal Discussion, Table Manners. 3 singles: SD Chargers EP, Steady Rockin' (UK), Table Manners EP. We went on tour with Osiris Shoes, and got to perform all over the country.

Mike and I also started putting together Hip-Hop functions locally called "Strictly Hip-Hop" which led to us getting a Tuesday Night at G-Lounge in Ocean Beach. We had live performances, DJs Mike Czech, Iron Mike, Demon, and more played there.

First Reggae gig: Carlos Culture let me open at his Sunday night party in Ocean Beach, and got paid in Guinness. Good vibes.

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Joined Tribe Of Kings Sound (1997-present): Started playing Roots with Rashi, Jay Dread and Stump I at a place called The Dog in Pacific Beach, which began our Sunday night legacy. We got the opportunity to move it to Bar Dynamite, at a party called Forward Rhythms. This rocked for 2 1/2 years before it got too big to be housed there. We moved it to Martini Ranch in Gaslamp San Diego, and called the party Downtown Top Ranking. This blew it up even more. We moved it to a bigger location, Aubergine, and called it Super Hit which was under new management. the capacity was 700, and we had two rooms. There was a shootout outside after our first VERY successful month, and returned to Bar Dynamite. Bar D had us for another 2 1/2 years before they were forced by the neighbors to let us go. We had a brief transition at the Kava Lounge, before settling into our new home on Sunday Nights at U-31, called Uptown Top Ranking. We also won San Diego's Champion Sound title by winning a Clash in 2006.

The Rolling Blackouts (2003-2004): The Rollin' Blackouts-No Vacation
Started a punk rock for shits and giggles. It consisted of Gabe Ryan on the drums, Dunning Butler on guitar, Tino on bass, and myself on vocals. We played a good number of gigs over those two years, and only have a couple of recordings. We just tried to create chaos at every show, with friends constantly interupting our shows with wrestling style antics on stage, and random objects flying everywhere. Too bad we fell apart, because it was real fun.

Mr. Henshaw: I got into First Power Crew the same day as Henshaw. We are currently putting the finishing touches on an album featuring me on the vocals, DJ D-Styles on the scratch, and Mr. Henshaw on production. I will give you more of that when the time is right.

I play at different events, which calls for many types of tunes. Let the following tunes be my farewell to 2007, since this month is going to be busy, and give you an idea of the type of content I'll be looking to get into in 2008.

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The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds-Across 110th Street
This is a track I scored from my homie, who let me digitize the record. If you can find a copy of this record, definitely bid on it.

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Spoonie Gee-Spoonie Rappin'
Man...What happened to Rap? Spoonie should be be required listening for all these new school rappers who think they are the Kings of Hip-Hop.

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Tristan Palma-Time So Hard
This is one of those tunes that has stuck with me from the beginning of my Selection career.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Chambacu-Aurita Castillo Y Su Conjunto
Aight, this isnt the right photo, but I couldn't find anything for this artist. Cumbia collections always had bad ass bikini models in that old time fashion. This tune kills everytime I play a Cumbia set. "Mi Varrio Mas Popular..."

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
M.I.A.-XR2 Why do birds, suddenly appear?.......

Thanks for giving me some of your time, and feel free to leave comments, just so I know it's not just The Reverend Sonny Phono chiming in...

I look forward to a positive, and prosperous 2008.

Hugh Knight

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Children's Television Workshop

70s were funky. I was there for almost half of it...

And of course...The reason I think that I love old funk so much. The Closing theme music is a lifetime favorite!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Nuttin For Christmas

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Can you think of a better way to celebrate the birth of one the humblest, and wisest people in the history of mankind? Right now we lie to our children about a supernatural being, we lose ourselves in fits of mass consumerism, and pump out ungodly amount of the Devil's Loaf, commonly known as fruitcake.

What better business manuver than to coax us into spending all our money at the end of the final financial quarter. Jesus wants you to give gifts, and they better be good for goodness sakes. According to my friend Dash Eye, a student in historical Jesus studies, it's accepted that Jesus' birthday was more along the lines of March 16th. So why do we celebrate the birth of Son of God of December 25th? These guys have a theory.

I'm not sure if everyone is celebrating God around this holiest of holidays, but I sure get tired of Christmas songs. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, we are bombarded by Alvin and The Chipmunks' Christmas joint. I came across Barry Gordon's "Nuttin' For Christmas" for the first time the other day, and thought it was pretty dope. The tune is from the late 40's, and pretty funny. Alot of versions of this song were recorded, but Barry's version is tight! I think a better way of celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus, is to make a remix and give it away in the spirit of Santa Claus.

Ho Ho Ho, Stop Snitchin'

Barry Gordon-Nuttin' For Christmas (UNITE REMIX)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh Word? It's like that?

I'm riding Budos Band right now like crazy.

Sorry for the lack of output. Everything I've had to say lately has come out like Terminator X. This means I should have some mixes up for you soon.

All I can say is come to Landlord Jim's quick.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shantytown Remix

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To be less long winded than last time, here is my contribution to the Marvin Gaye Remix world.

007 (Shanty Town) was a Foundation tune by Desmond Dekker. A few versions of this riddim have arose over the years, notably a couple of years ago with artists like Luciano, Sizzla, Jah Mason, and Turbulence. Just recently Shaggy has released a very weathered version of the riddim that evokes that old time sound, which gives this version it's charm. You can find two simultaneous releases by Shaggy, "Move Hype" and "Bonafide Girl" on this new riddim, as well as a new Collie Buddz version called "Searching" which features Roache Killa.

I've had a positive reaction from it so far. I hope it works for you.

Marvin Gaye-What's Going On (Shantytown Remix)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Riccashay, MC Flow, Kevin Hellman, CityBeat, and the San Diego Music Awards

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I always check the Reader. Especially the Blurt section inside the music section. Only to kind of see what other people are keeping up on...

Thats when I saw a little Blurt featuring my boy Riccashay(Pictured above). Ken Leighton wrote this little blurt voicing Ric's opinion on the San Diego Music Awards, and the winner of the Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist MC Flow.

Ric was miffed that MC Flow won the award, because he felt that she did not represent Hip-Hop. To his credit he said "MC Flow is good at what she does, but what she does is not Hip-Hop". He also mentions Hip-Hop is about paying dues, and he hadn't seen her pay any dues. While MC Flow is not what I would consider to be the best Hip-Hop group in Daygo, she is trying to do her thing as an artist. I can see that. Whether you like MC Flow or not is pure opinion. Yet I have to agree with him, in questioning how MC Flow is the best representation of Hip-Hop that San Diego has.

Lets look at the nominees:

Blame One
Celio Skilz
Deep Rooted
Lil Al
MC Flow
Miki Vale

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Addiquit is a newcomer to the game, and after seeing her live I couldn't say she is the best representation of San Diego Hip-Hop. While her style is different than any other MC I've heard, I couldn't have given her the award. A Master constantly fine tunes his/her craft before its Mastery.Addiquit's Myspace Page

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Blame One. What can I say about Blame One. You really have to hear him do his thing to realize that he is one of the top contenders on the list. Blame's delivery is wicked, and definitely versatile. His content ranges from highly intelligent, to pure braggadocio. Blame has also been slaying folks lyrically for over a decade. When I first met him, he was beautifying a box car. He is deserving of an award. Blame's Myspace Page

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Celio Skilz is another veteran out here with a dope style, and solid delivery. He has been in the game out here awhile. Celio is making waves outside of Daygo as well. If he had won, I would not have been mad. Celio's Myspace Page

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Deep Rooted has already well proven themselves. Solid production, and alot of talent. Mr. Brady, Johaz, and DJ Artistic have both been putting in ALOT of work over the years. Very good candidate for Best in SD. Deep Rooted's Myspace Page

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Lil Al. I have to admit, while I try to seem like an authority, I haven't seen Lil Al live. I do know that his music represents San Diego, with the definitive West Coast sound. He has a strong delivery, and street oriented content. Al also has strong support from the Latino community out here, which is big. If he would have won, I could have lived with that. Lil Al also hosts a radio show on Z90. Lil Al's Myspace Page

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MC Flow. I just heard word of MC Flow this year. Her delivery is old school, very comparable to the new trend of JJ Fad-esque flowing. Her "Flow" is not phenom in the least, but more cute. I guess that's what I would call it. Cute. MC Flow's Myspace Page

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Miki Vale has gone through a couple Hip-Hop incarnations over the years. While Miki has a soft side, her delivery can be more deadly than an envelope full of SARS. Alot of people are making a big deal about Female MCs, but Miki Vale transcends that label to just Dope MC. If she would have won, I would have been in agreement.Miki's Myspace Page

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Riccashay. What can you say about Riccashay, that hasn't already been said about The Witch Creek Fire. (I hope he's reading this). Honestly, I've seen Ric tear rappers apart, rock a solid show, and make people react with his verses. Ric is a professional. He deserves an award. Riccashay's Myspace Page

The way the winner is chosen is by way of internet. And if you had enough people in your circle working at it, you could vote once a day. Once a day? WTF? If the winner is supposed to be people's choice, then why would they let you vote more than once?

The result is not who is the best artist, but which artist can gather the best team to beat the voting system? Sounds like bullshit to me.

Not really a big suprise to me. The Bullshit part. CityBeat is the quasi-authority on local music, and it's editor is Kevin Hellman, who is also the brains behind SDMA (San Diego Music Awards). Before CityBeat, it was called SLAMM. They would NEVER cover Hip-Hop. After people kept complaining, they slowly integrated some Hip-Hop into their mag. CityBeat now covers everything local that has to do with music.

Kevin Hellman made a comment in the Reader that there is no Hip-Hop scene in San Diego, save for 4-5 groups who rarely play. This comment is from the guy who is the head of San Diego's Music Authority? He obviously knows very little about whats going on. I saw 5 groups last week alone. There is also a Hip-Hop TV show, The Grimmie Wreck Show that features numerous Local Hip-Hop groups every episode. is a local internet radio station that features local Hip-Hop DJs, and features artists weekly. There is a couple of pure Hip-Hop shops that cater solely to the Hip-Hop scene that doesn't exist out, and they are both thriving. One being The Armory which has a store located in Downtown, and one in Pacific Beach. and Access Hip-Hop Shop is another Hip-Hop shop in Pacific Beach. Both of these stores specialize in Hip-Hop culture and feature numnerous local artists' product. House Of Rep is party that features live Hip-Hop acts, both Local and National, very frequently. You can find more events here.

Kevin Hellman not only showed he is not afraid to speak something he doesn't know shit about, but his obvious distaste for local Hip-Hop Artists, and the community in general.

I am not going to list the numerous groups in San Diego frequently performing out here. I shouldn't need to for CityBeat's sake. They should already know all of this already.

I noticed one of CityBeat's contributors, Troy Johnson, must have taken a fancy to both MC Flow, and Addiquit. I do not think either of them deserve the nomination over other very active local groups, who have a quality product and an entertaining stage show. They both have a certain appeal to them that I can respect. That same appeal beckons 91X to play Hip-Hop by groups they deem palatable to their market. Whether or not their act will hold up to the critical ears of Hip-Hop purists is still yet to be seen. As Riccashay noted, their presence at Local Hip-Hop shows is rare, if at all.

Riccashay. I had a chance to briefly discuss the Reader write up with him. The author asked Ric if his opinion on MC Flow's Hip-Hop status was based on the fact that she was White, Jewish, and Female. Talk about trying to build a story. Riccashay stood strongly by his comment, which I admittedlyhold the same opinion as well.

To MC Flow and Addiquit: One thing I've learned about expressing yourself on a Hip-Hop platform, is you are asking to be ridiculed in some of the most vicious, and absurd manners you can think of. If you are true to your art, you will keep doing what you love and take critics with stride. If you are indeed truly Hip-Hop MCs, you already know how to handle this situation, and if you have yet to battle anyone, then good luck.

To the other artists in the competition, I award you all Hugh Knight's Music Award for Best Local Hip-Hop/Rap artist/group. We are all paying attention, and we know whats wrong with this picture.

To Riccashay: Thanks for keeping it real. You and I both know that SDMA is a sham anyways.

Hugh Knight
Former San Diego Music Award Winner

Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego Burning!

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As the sun went down last night, the sunlight was a crazy amber glow. Today the city smells of smoke, and light ashes are beginning to rain.

This don't look good at all!

I already got friends and family that have been evacuated from their homes. As it stands, there are very little resources out here left for anything but the fire, so they've told folks to stay off the roads. If you get in an accident, you are fucked.

1000 fire trucks from outside the county are on their way out here right now, and people are all stuck to the television trying to figure out which area is next...

Currently they are evacuating the area between the I-15 and the I-5 from the 56 to del dios highway. Thats hella west!

Escondido is evacuating, Ramona has been burnt to the ground. Rancho Bernardo is burning and outer parts of Poway. Pomerado hospital has been evacuated as well. To those who are not familiar, thats the northeastern most part of the county.

But thats just one fire.

Far east county is also blazing, and a fire from Mexico has started to ravage southern parts of the county.

Interstate 15 is completely shut down, Qualcomm Stadium is open for those seeking refuge from the fire, and I feel damn lucky to live a block from the water!

Any of my people in the city, if you know me and need shelter, get at me. Even though the conditions are ripe all over for fire, we will be letting the chalice blaze over here as long as the trees are available.

My prayers go out to all the victims of this tragedy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Push The Tempo

Not a huge fan of Fatboy Slim. I mean, they aight.

But this video has eluded me till now. What the hell?

Kinda brilliant

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feel The Excitement: JAH CURE LIVE

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jah Cure LIVE at Reggae Sundance 2007

I won't usually put whole albums up, but this is something ALL Jah Cure fans should check for. It's bootleg of course, but pretty damn clean. You can feel the excitement as Jah Cure finally blesses the stage after 8 years of incarceration. If anything this is a good little piece of history...
Give thanks to DJ Zachariah for this one

JAH CURE LIVE AT REGGAE SUNDANCE 2007---Click Here To Download!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hey, Heyyyy, Goodbye: LANDLORD JIM'S

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Some people would wince at the thought of a bar being the place that you had the most fun. A bar is a place where it can be said that people waste their time and money. A place that breeds alcoholism and sometimes violence. Walking into a bar may be the last thing you remember when you wake up in jail with a black eye and a busted lip. This is a place you might not go back to for months because you jumped up on the bar dropped your drawls when you favorite song came on. Some would say bars are dispicable places.

Being a DJ, I can tell you some of the best memories of my life were inside bars and clubs.

Yeah, I know, Big DJs stick to clubs instead of a bar with a soundsystem, yada yada. When a DJ is tired of having to play what the club wants, there comes a hunt for a place a DJ can just get his/her thing on. A magical place where a DJ can play what they want, when they want, and how they want. A place where the owners aren't being shitheads about printing flyers, dress code, bar tab, guest list, and volume. Instead, the owners want good music, good vibes, and no bullshit. A place where, for a time, there was a trampoline in the back room!?!?!?

It would seem I would have to die first, in order to go to this heavenly place where DJs go to live in eternal bliss.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Instead of an early exit, I found this heavenly place right here on Earth. In fact, right here in my own city: Landlord Jim's Cocktail Machine. LLJ's has the best thing going out here if you ask me. A small dive bar that now sits in a vacant apartment building in the East Village section of downtown. Away from the boojie, touristy, House music infested Gaslamp District that San Diego is (for some reason) well known for. There are three big ingredients in this cocktail machine that make it the best bar in the city:

2. Some of the finest DJs in the city have blessed the decks there, and still do.

I used to go to LLJ's when it first made it's transformation from local scallywag daytime drunkard hangout, to scallywag nightime dancing drunkard hangout. Being right around the corner from SD City College, I used to dip down there after class for a little drizzle before I trekked back to my crib. Sara and Virgina, along with my man DJ JUNIOR THE DISCO PUNK are actually the people who seemed to turn the place around. Originally there was no DJ booth, so DJ's had to set up on the pool table. Of course, there is also everyone's favorite:

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One for the G'z, and One for the Hustlaz!

LLJ's has had a problem before with having no Cabaret license. No cabaret means no dancing, and no DJs allowed. For a minute they had DJs doing their thing remotely live from Junior's kitchen upstairs in front a video camera that was being fed through the bar TVs. Eventually the booth went in, and they just decided to do it as rebel as possible.

Notable Memories:

The original Landlord Jim's T-Shirt with the motto "Where The Women Drink Like Sailors." Priceless!

One of the funnest nights was a couple years ago at Landlord Jim's one year anniversary. All the OGs were there, including Brisk One who was out back painting trucker caps with a stencil. I copped a Jungle Green version, and then did a rap show inside with Mike Czech.

Another time there was a crew art show, where Disko Rick and I DJed. In fact that was the last time I ever saw Disko Rick DJ at a spot. R.I.Power!

My favorite memories, one word: Cumbias!

Off the head, here are the DJs I can remember rocking the spot. If anyone is reading and I left them out, my bust.
Junior The Disco Punk, Mike Czech, Disko Rick, Jay Dread, JBlow, Drez, Ratty, @ Large, Buddah, Steven Flex, Phil, Still Life, D-Styles, NuMark, LRS, Sonny Phono, Melo-D, Rhettmatic, Atari, Hippoh, Mark E. Quark, Flo, Mateo, Charle Rock, Mario, Cros One, Ali-Asha, Iron Mike, Profile, Hektik...The list goes on...

While it was cool to be right around the corner from my school, that fact is eventually bringing Lanlord Jim's demise. The people voted to give City College more money, and they are taking over the property between City College, and Broadway. They made everyone that lived upstairs move out, and Landlord Jim's is left squeezed between a closed down Taco Shop, and an Art Gallery/Spoken Word/ live performance venue known as Voz Alta.

When JBlow and I took over the Saturday Night slots, we had no idea when LLJ's would be getting their notice to leave. The general consensus was that it would be sometime in 2007. We knew that we would have at least 90 days from whenever the notice was served, so we might as well mash it up while we can. Thus "Till The Wheels Fall Off" was born, and we haven't faltered since.

Alas the notice was served, and our very last night, including the bar's last night, is January 5th. We are putting togther something real nice for the last night, so stay tuned. If you are from out of town, and will be here before that final date you have to make it through to get a little taste of San Diego History. Mapquest that bitch, and bring yo ass on!

What past customers have said at YELP.COM

Landlord Jim's=Jumper Palace!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Libra Time

First off, since I'm a Libra, I'm posting this tune as a gift to myself.

Link Deleted

Second of all, If you are in San Diego this weekend, shoot through!
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This is my Saturday Night Jumpoff and you can see whats its about RIGHT HERE

Third off, if anybody ever asks you "Ain't I'm clean?" You better be ready for the Breakdown!
Mr. Rufus Thomas:

I been pretty busy as of late, so have patience wit me. It's been one Jumper after another, and it doesn't look like it will be slowin down anytime soon!

Truth is, I been in a slump until this Sunday:
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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I have been a Mantronix fan since the mid-80's. To me, Mantronix embodies the ruggedest form of Hip-Hop, in it's electro form. Electro handclaps matched with huge drums and old school raps. Thats all I need! Mantronix is also responsible for production for some of the roughest Hip-Hop artists known, including Just-Ice and T La Rock.

These tunes take me way back to learning how to breakdance, while bumping Mantronix's "The Cassette" in a rickety ghetto blaster. Break out the parachute pants, put the needle to the groove, and jump it!

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link deleted

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last War Riddim

Commonly known as the "Come Around Riddim" since the Bermudan artist Collie Buddz dropped the tune "Come Around". You should be well familiar with this tune by now, since it's an international crossover success has built the man wicked foundation to catapault his career.

Maybe I started too far forward.

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Lets start with this tune, by international Reggae favorite Beres Hammond. The tune is called "Last War" and is a collaboration with Zap Pow. I don't know much else about the tune, besides it's a good tune with a wicked riddim.

link deleted

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Of course, the next tune is the one that broke this riddim wide open, and motivated other artists to make versions. Collie Buddz "Come Around".

link deleted

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So after the smashing success of Come Around, the next version I stumbled across is from Original Fu-Schnickens frontman Chip-Fu. This threw me for a loop, but Chip really kills this riddim. Maybe we will see a reggae album in the works?

link deleted

Wicked right?

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Another to break through the reggae scene this year, is an Italian transplant to Jamaica known as Alborosie. He has been scoring big hits with tunes such as "Herbalist" and "Kingston Town". Here we have a Rasta tune over the original "Last War" riddim, instead of the harder hitting Collie Buddz rework. The tune is wicked!

link deleted

While there are a couple more newer versions, these are my personal favs. There are also a few remixes floating around out there of the Collie Buddz version featuring American rap artists. One features Tony Yayo and Young Buck, another featuring Busta Rhymes, and more. While it sounds like they would work, I tend to find their verses falling off the mark.

Jump It!

Jamaica: Too Much Gang War

Just a likkle commentary on Gang Warfare in Jamaica:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


MAN! If this isn't the most decent breakdown of the effect of sample laws, and the effect of sampling in general! See what happens when you free up the music? An entire musical genre spread like a wildfire through the world.

You are not going to catch me posting Drum N Bass stuff, since I am not a big fan of the genre, but this is a very cool video and breakdown. If you ever wanted to make drum n bass, and didn't know where to start, here you go...

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The Winstons-Amen Brother (UBB Edit)

Those who are well versed in this song, will know this is not actually the original version of the tune. If you are familiar with the Ultimate Breaks and Beats collections, you already know that some of the breaks featured in these compilations have been re-edited to make them more functional for DJs. You will notice that the break seems to be slowed down. This break was actually originally played at 33rpm, when the record was a 45rpm.

A record like "Amen Brother" was one that DJ's overlooked. It was not functional, since the break is real fast, real short, and on a 45. Although the break was remarkable, it just didn't seem like it could be worked into a break set. See here in an excerpt taken from an interview between Troy L. Smith and OG NYC DJ Quick.

"What about those beats that you had to slow down or speed up to find something on it, is that possible?

Oh yeah the record is by The Winston’s “Amen Brother”. It was a little 45 rpm and it was way to fast. You would take it and tape it to an album and put it on 33 and now you had your break. The first time I heard it I said I can’t use this, it’s to fast. So I put it down for two years, until I heard D.J. Islam play it, but he played it on 33 and I said o.k. See I didn’t know what to do with it."
For the Full interview featured on jayquan.comCLICK HERE. It's a cool little interview for those intersted in digging for Breaks.

I just got my hands on this 45 a couple of months ago, but my needles are missing as of right now, so you'll have to just be content with the UBB version for now.

Big Up to DJ Small Change's Blackcrack, Julie Covello, and Papa Wheelie for puttin me onto this clip, and a great discussion in general!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

FOUNDATION:The Soul Vendors

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The Soul Vendors
The Soul Brothers
The Sound Dimension

The Soul Vendors were the Session band, and musical backbone of Sir Coxsone Dodd's Studio One, during a crucial phase of Reggae's evolution. These players have laid the foundation for all of Reggae music as we know it today. Just look at this list I lifted from The bulk of these tunes are historical tunes, many of which have version after version of them made to this day.

"These are some of the many hits the Soul Vendors recorded at Studio One during this time.
WAILING WAILERS: Mellow Mood, Nice time, Soul Rebel, Rudie gone a jail, Put it on, Treat me good, Let him go, Bend down low, Sinner Man (Down-presser Man), Let the Lord be seen in you and White Christmas (Gospels), I'm the toughest (Peter on lead vocals)

HEPTONES: Fatty fatty, Baby be true, Party time, Only sixteen (entire "On Top" album)
CLARENDONIANS: Sho-be-do-be-do, Rudie gaan a jail, You can't keep a good man down, You can't be happy until you love someone, You won't see me, Rudie bam bam, when I call you up STRANGER COLE: Rough & tough (entire album).
HAROLD MEIKLE: Beat down Babylon (later popularized by Junior Byles)
BOB ANDY: I've got to go back home
GAYLETTS (Judy Mowatt & company): Silent River runs deep
MELODIANS: Last train to Expo, You don't care for me, Get along without you, Swing and dine, Come on little girl, Little nut tree, You have caught me baby
HOPETON LEWIS: Take it easy, Cool cool collie, Right track, Keep on coming in
KEN BOOTH: Train is coming baby, Say you, Puppet on a string, Moving away, Starlight, Rock Steady, Just another girl, Silver word, Home, My heart is gone.
GAYLADS: Lady with the red dress on, Abc, Stop making love beside me, No good girl, You bring me joy in the morning, Hard to confess.
TENNORS: Pressure and slide, Woo Doctor, Ride you donkey (entire album)
KINGSTONIANS: Winey winey.
DELROY WILSON: Dancing mood, I'm not a king, Conquer me, Riding for a fall, Rain from the sky, Can't stand it, Once upon a time.
ETHIOPIANS: Train to Skaville, Everything crash (entire album).
MARCIA GRIFFITHS: Feel like jumping, We will be together, Truly, I shall sing, Dream land, Melody life
ALTON ELLIS: I'm still in love with you girl, Sunday coming, Can I change my mind, Big it up, I'm just a guy, Girl I've got a date, Let him try, Breaking up is hard to do.
WILLIE WILLIAMS: Armageddon time (re-recorded by the Clash in 1979)
SLIM SMITH: Conversation.
FREDDY MCKAY: Picture on the wall
CORNEL CAMPBELL: Queen of the minstrel
JOHNNY CLARKE: Move out a Babylon
SOUL VENDORS: Mr. Flint, Soul serenade, Soho, El bang bang, You trouble me, Carib soul (LP) and Hot shot (Ska LP). More than one dozen full-length instrumental albums were recorded during this time."

These dudes are some real OGs!

Real Rock Riddim

Quite possibly the MOST versioned riddim in Jamaican Music History. Of course it finds it's creation in the laboratory of Sir Coxsone Dodd. The riddim has been flipped by so many different producers, through two and a half decades. Every year a new handful of versions are recorded. The tune is credited to Sound Dimension.

link deleted

Swing Easy Riddim

Another well-versioned classic riddim. The melody takes a cue from "Fiddler On The Roof", blown through horns with fierce fluidity. "Nothing in this world like the high grade in my chalice, high grade in my chalice..."-Richie Spice-High Grade In My Chalice.
link deleted

Since I'm in the mood for horns...

Sugar Belly

Although Sugar Belly wasn't in the regular line-up, Sugar Belly is an OG! His roots are planted firmly in the roots of Mento, and recorded a few albums worth of reggae tunes with Sir Coxsone. He created his own horn out of bamboo and cardboard. Sugar Belly is an OG.

link deleted

Vin Gordon

Vin Gordon started to play Trombone with the Skatalites in the Mid 60s. They called him Don Drummond Jr, since his style so closely resembled Don D. He played on various Studio One sides, including Real Rock.

link deleted

"Foundation's history, y'know"-Ranking Joe

R.I.P. Bobby Byrd

James Brown's right hand man died yesterday. Any B-Boy should already know Bobby Byrd's voice from the anthem "I Know You Got Soul". I first heard his voice through Eric B. & Rakim's version of the song. This song is still in heavy rotation, from city to city. Big Up Bobby Byrd!

Bobby Byrd-Hot Pants (I'm Coming)

Bobby Byrd-I Know You Got Soul

Wednesday, September 12, 2007



Art by some of San Diego's top Graff artists, Reggae DJ, Live Punk Band, and Live Hip-Hop. What else do you want?

I won't usually be posting promotion here, cuz I got 5 nights a week to promote and it would get boring. This, however is a special event.

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I Heart Disko!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


A good friend of mine lost his pops in the World Trade Center Massacre. He always gets furious with me when we talk about 9-11, because of my thoughts on the subject. I always cut myself short, because my opinion becomes salt in an already aching wound. I try to see his side of it, but how can I? If someone killed my pops, I would be rooting for vengeance.

It's hard to try and swallow the "Official" facts we have been fed. I cannot in good conscience just accept things for truth that don't hold any weight. "How's it feel to treated like a sucker? How's it feel to get treated like a bitch?" (see ZEITGEIST for more info)

With that said, I can still be a Patriot. I can still be a proud American. I may not be proud of what a SMALL group of Evil Americans are doing to Human Kind, but I am damn proud of other Americans:



This makes me proud to be an American!

BIG TAKE OVER-(see ZEITGEIST for more info)


Yeah, I'm proud to be American! Jimi Hendrix made me that way...

I was on a couch tour in Ocean Beach that day. I was woken up by my friend's answering machine (remember those?) screaming "Turn on the news. They're attacking New York! They blew up the World Trade Center. Turn on the TV..."

My thoughts go out to all who lost someone that day.

Friday, August 31, 2007


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I was thinkin of doin a political post, and thought, why? I just want a reason to rant today. Politics is just another game I don't really like to watch, similar to Baseball. Basically they both pay their players way too much money to stand around and adjust their jocks, catch a couple flies (Like any good piece of shit does), and take advantage of as many photo ops as possible. They are in the game for decades, but only really get about 4 years of fame (Some 2, some more).


Which leads my brief rant to another point of agitation! Rage Against The Machine. I missed their show in San Francisco, and been bent since. I was thinkin about Rage. Their significance in Rock N Roll history, as well as political history. To rock, they were another "Message" band, and I bought right into it. Being in that place in my life, where I wanted to rebel against everything I saw fit. Rage was a good vehicle, and resource, as well as Political Editorial. They rocked the boat during the Clinton Era, at a time when The President was villified for his Sexual dealings.

Rage was there when we needed a kick in the ass, but then they disappeared when we really needed them. When the Neo-Cons took advantage of the 911 trgedy to implement the beginning of their New World Order, there was no voice of dissent. Seems ironic that when the world most needed RATM, they were busy performing with Soundgarden guy (Chris something or other). When we really needed to stick it to the man, We were getting introduced to 50 Cent.

I'm not mad at Rage, especially since they kill it. Just a shame that at a time when they could have had the biggest impact on the USA, they were nowhere to be found...

And what's up with Zach's Hip-Hop album? Anybody care to send me a leaked version that I have never seen or heard before?

Instead of posting a Rage tune, here's a little jumper that'll bring it all together for you. Jump It.

The Chequers-Get Up Stand Up

Have a good weekend!

JUST ADDED: Like a partial answer to my prayers, the dudes at Wake Your Daughter Up were on the same wavelength. Check it. A partial answer to my query: WAKE YOUR DAUGHTER UP

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Human Beat Box

My apologies for the recent Reggae overload. I get into modes where I'm stuck on Reggae all month. Here's something to break it up.
The Human Beat Box is the Rawest form of Rap (along with bangin on the lunch tables). You dont need a mic, or a DJ, or a sound system. Just two motivated individuals (In some cases, just one) and some time, and the session is on.
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Fat Boys-Stick'Em

Thanks to the Fat Boys, I was turned onto Hip-Hop at an early age. in 1985 there was a TV commercial for Swatch Watches (Goin WAY back) that featured The Fat Boys. I had heard Hip-Hop before that, but didn't have any faces to reference. Thus, my first Cassette purchase was the self-titled Debut from the crew originally known as The Disco 3.

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Doug E. Fresh & Ricky D.-La-Di-Da-Di

I used to hear one of my homies singing this song, and I always wanted to hear it. I finally scored a copy of it on a Dr. Dre Mixtape from 86 called "The Show". When I first heard it, and realized it was a beat box tune, I was hooked!

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This is another I originally picked up on one of those Rodium Swap Meet Mixes from Dr. Dre. I never got my hands on the wax though, until the 90's, and it eventually got warped. I just found another copy at our local swap meet last year, and it still gets play!

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Biz Markie-One,Two

Just straight classic!

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3 Minutes of Beat Box-T La Rock

If you are a Hip-Hop Dork enough to comb the net for Classic Hip-Hop Blogs, you are a Dork enough to already know this is GREG NICE on the beat box. I remember using these sounds to scratch on from the "Toasted Marshmellow Breaks" Scratch Record that came out in the mid-90's. This is just a bonus...

NOTABLE MENTIONS: Of course Rahzel!!! Search for that Tim Westwood show featuring Black Thought, RZA, & Poetic freestyling over Rahzels rundown of beats from his mouth. Real Nice! ALSO this years release of Stephen Marley's "Traffic Jam" with Jr. Gong and Buju feature a beat box over the bassline from "Answer" riddim.

Jump It!