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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

R.I.P. Poison Dart Selectors

In another tragic case of violence concerning Reggae entertainers, two Selectors from Tampa, Florida's POISON DART SOUNDSYSTEM , Tony Montana & Chris Rock, were gunned down outside of a club in Auburndale, Fl.

Those in the Soundsystem community should be well aware of Poison Dart, and the news is shaking the Florida dance scene. Condolences to Kirky C and the whole Poison Dart Family.

Read the story HERE

Poison Dart Homepage

Friday, May 23, 2008

Carribean Cops (Episode 1) has a forum that is full of Haters and Shit talking. It's also full of cats that love Reggae music, and anything Carribean. I found this link on there, and since I watch COPS all the time, this was like a gift from heaven.

Carribean Cops Ep. 1 (AVI)

It ranges from Tourists to Gangsters. Pretty interesting. I would love to see more episodes. I assume this was broadcast in the UK originally. Check it out.

AND OF COURSE...The Tourist that gets caught with weed is REPPIN DAYGO with that Chargers hat. What can I say, we gotta have it!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Artist Push! Pt. 1

Man, things been busy lately. Give thanks for still checkin in on me! 7 Gigs in 5 days leaves my blog a little neglected. You'll notice I added my Mogulus player on the blog, in an attempt to keep you coming by in my absence. In comes the Big Forward Network, and if I get savvy enough, or free up some time, you might even catch a live broadcast one day.

So as we move forward, I am taking the opportunity to help introduce some new artists to your ears. Definitely take some time to check the tunes, and check their links!


Winstrong is a new artist in the Reggae/Dancehall scene that I feel deserves a big push. He's a got a nice voice, and a great message. He has been making his rounds in California's Bay Area, and creating quite a buzz. If you are feeling this artist, get in contact with him, and get him to your city as soon as you can. Play his tunes in your set, and spread the word!

Winstrong-Sound Of A Gun

CLICK HERE for Winstrong on Myspace

J Will

I had the privilege of sitting down with J Will face to face for our radio show. He is full of energy and charisma, and backs it up with a sweet voice that sounds at home over Lovers Rock vibes. J Will was nominated for a Grammy for songwriting, and has been singing at dances throughout Florida. While touches on reality lyrics, he quickly admits, he does alot of his music for the Ladies. Support this artist by playing his tunes in your set, and put your people on!

J Will-Joe Bwoy

CLICK HERE for J Will on Myspace


Europe's Reggae scene has been bubbling hot lately, and Holland's Ziggi has been a force to reckon with. He has been popping up on popular riddims over the past year, and deserves an extra push. You may have heard his version over the Come Around Riddim "Blazing", and his tune "Cry Murdah" over a Hip Hop/Roots Hybrid riddim. Check this latest tune on the wicked iLove Riddim. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!

Ziggi-Need To Tell You This (iLove Riddim)

Need To Tell You This Video on Youtube

CLICK HERE for Ziggi on Myspace

I will have another round of artists in a few days.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Hugh Tube Again

Just A Couple Likkle Tube's for you to waste your time with.

I can't front, the new Gnarls Barkely is ill. I had a stack of new CDs in the whip, including the new Portishead, The Biggie Hendrix Experience, and couple others for a little road trip. "The Odd Couple" is the CD that stayed in for the next week. I'm feelin it.
This is another crazy video, filmed on loaction in J.A.

Another Obama endorsement. This time from none other than Mad White Jamaican (J.A.) and Splurt (Denmark). Not sure if Obama wants this endorsement, but it's pretty funny.

If this is your first experience with MWJ Here is some more

This is some crazy ass DJ shit, like you may have never seen. I never have...

If you are tired of the vids, peep out this site if you got a spliff or two and some time. Dub Selector Site at Pretty original.

More music to come, just hold tight...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wizardry and Our Children

SO... this Substitute Teacher in Florida was accused of "Wizardry" and fired from his teaching job.
Click Here For The Story

It just so happens that it's magician week on Letterman. What exactly is Wizardry?

Dictionary:1: the art or practices of a wizard.
Wizard: 2: one skilled in magic.

Ok, so he's a Wizard! Grab the gasoline and the stake!
Maybe this place is accepting resumes.

I was once taught a few things from a Wizard myself.

Please excuse my attempts at sarcasm, I just needed an excuse to post some Sabbath!

Here's a little Iron Man for ya...

While I'm sure Harry Potter is safe for Students, a match trick is not.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Missing In Action

Between moving and gigging, I been spread too thin to get anything of real substance up, but don't fret, I'm settling in, and getting more time on my hands finally.

While I been too busy to post, I been checking all of my favorite blogs daily, so I wanted to share some links for y'all, and let you know what I been checkin:

Super Duty Tough Work
My man Skip always delivers, whether it be Heavy Metal artwork, Reggae Music, Underground fashion, Graffitti, and just about anything I find amusing. Skip heads his new Clothing Line "Heavy Manners" , and got some quality things to offer. Take a look!

Jah School
Jah School keeps me in the loop with Reggae music, whether it be New Riddims, or classic albums. These cats are hard at work, kicking out 5-10 posts a day (minimum). You won't be disappointed!
Jah School

Yard Flex
These people got their finger directly on the pulse of all major Reggae runnings. Any and all newsworthy material passes through this site. Find out whats really happening yard side!

You & Me On A Jamboree
Based out of Brazil, I really don't know what these guys write about. They are apparently on the Rudeboy/Ska/Rock Steady tip, and kick down alot of old classic music that is hard to find. You can even catch some wicked soul records from time to time. Check out what they got.

All Up In Your Earhole
J Blow is a wicked DJ. The kind of DJ that stays very busy on the decks, and strays from the lazy DJ habits of so-called DJs these days. He also dabbles in a lot of remixes, and has a good ear for Good Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul. Definitely put this in your RSS!

DJs Alive
Run by DJ Alive, this blog deals with remix services, and re-edits. From classic Cameron Paul Vinyl, to nowadays DJ Slick edits. There are also handfulls of party break releases, and anything party rockers need to seal the deal.

Who Cork The Dance
These cats are helping to preserve Reggae history, by digitizing Classic recordings of Live Jamaican dances, dating as far back as the 70's. You want to really get a lesson in Dancehall culture, this is the place to start.

Royal Jelly Reggae Show
I also been real busy putting the our Reggae Radio show together, and have been blessed with two weeks of heavy interviews with up and coming artist J Will, as well as Legendary artists Michigan & Smiley, Sammy Dread, and Johnny Clarke. The show is Mondays from 8pm-10pm (PST), and can be accessed either directly on Jelly Radio, or through Itunes Radio Stations. Go the Hip-Hop section and look for Jelly Radio.
Royal Jelly On Myspace
Royal Jelly Playlist Blog

RSS Feeds
Thanks to my friend J Blow, I was put on the technology known as RSS Feeds. If you are not a beginner, you can skip this. New Bloggers might want to make use of this technology. Most e-mail services offer a RSS widget, but I personally prefer to use my iGoogle page. If you have gmail, create your own custom homepage, and add the RSS feed widget. Then you want to to start your google Reader page. There you can subscribe to blogs, and never miss content. You also have the advantage of not having to troll the blogsphere trying to catch up on posts you've missed. With the iGoogle homepage widget, new posts arrive daily just like e-mail... Please allow me a late pass on this shit, I'm not as computer savvy as others.

Last but not least:
In place of a music link today, try this:
Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog List « Gravy Bread
Here is a big list of Music Blogs you can filter through and check some for yourself
Click here for more Blogs

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