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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ranking Weezy


Sizzla Ft. Lil' Wayne-The Only Reason (Reggae Club Re-Edit)
Originally it's Lil' Wayne featuring Sizzla & T-Streets. Since Ranking Weezy's ridiculous Dancehall chat kicks the record off, I decided to make the tune more Dancehall friendly by having Kalonji from the start. Pretty interesting track, and it's hot off the press (What does "Hot Off The Press" translate to in 2008?)

To be honest, it's pretty embarassing that I've put Lil' Wayne twice on my page this month, and I'm not even really feelin' Weezy that much. Many will disagree with my distaste for Weezy, but I can't front, he holds it down. Here's another joint while I'm muddying up my face...

RappaPomPom-Lil' Wayne Ft. Junior Reid

Jump It!

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