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Thursday, December 25, 2008

New for 2009...The Party Moves On


Since I got a little Message from Blogger saying they removed my content, I've moved to wordpress.

I will still be running this blog primarily to keep my Video station accessible till I can figure out a new way to do it over there.

If anyone even wants to watch it. If you are ever bored at work,or wherever give it some viewing, and I'm sure the BFN (Big Forward Network) will keep you entertained.

If you are viewing my page through RSS feeds, don't worry about the vids.

here it is

Pretty easy, but if you find it difficult, hit the link below. See you on the flipside!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somebody Snitched

Barry Gordon-Nuthin' For Christmas (Somebody Snitched Remix)

I almost forgot to re-up my Christmas Remix. Drop this for the next few days!

Friday, December 19, 2008

100th Post: Five Jumpers to end 2008

This is a nice time for Dancehall. A whole trailer load of Big Tunes have been dropping, temporarily overshadowing Reggae's other child, One Drop Culture style. This is beyond the old school big breaks from Hip-Hop with lyrics mixed over the top. This is what I would call "Jamaican Hip-Hop". Though not so much "Yes Yes Yall" as it is "Gangsta", these tunes are nice fixtures here in Southern Cali Dances.

Look for my latest mix with this theme at the New Year, entitle "Shogun Selector", already on the street.

Here is 5 for the end of the year, and to celebrate 100 posts. BLOP BLOP

Collie Buddz-Day & Nite Remix
I received this remix via DJ C-Cyde from Bermuda. To me this tune is MAD! I barely started playin it last week, so let me know if you feel it. I could use some help as to which this is a remx of, but it's wicked!!!

New Kingston-In The Streets (Heavenless Riddim)

I support this young crew to the fullest. They are turning out to be much more talented than my first percepiton, and I know they have a real bright future ahead of them. How could you not, working in the studio with the likes of DJ Pee Wee, also being the i-fficial backup band for Collie Buddz. In The Streets is FIRE!

Kardinal Offishall Ft. Barrington Levy & Busta Rhymes-Number 1 (Tide Is High) REMIX

This remix struck me as almost a new new tune. Hot on the heels of a big tune called "No War" by Barrington Levy ft. Kardinal and Busta, this drops. The original featured Rhianna and is twice as fast as this slow bouncer. Regardless, it's pretty tough and falls right in line with the Hip-Hop Dancehall crossovers.

Charley Blacks-Rich Dis Year

This is the only photo I could find of Mr. Blacks, but the tune speaks for itself. The hustle is on, and the grind is getting ground. 2009 is goin to be big for everyone!

Niether of these artists are new to the party, and I'll be damned of Weezy doesn't just keep poppin up. Ok, I gotta give him his dap:

Jr. Reid Ft. Lil' Wayne-Ghetto Youth Rock

There. Jr. Reid, Lil Wayne, Ghetto Youth Rock, Murder!!!!!!!

Have a safe New Years y'all. Keep it jumpin!!!

Hugh Knight

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Beginning Of The End

Alot of really good blogs have bit the dust lately. Some, if not removed, have been issued warnings from because of their pirated content. I have seen many of my favorite blogs getting e-mails from Blogger, stating the violation of the internet copywrite laws, and such.

Jah School happened to be one of the most resourceful Reggae Audio Blogs I had come across, and was just removed yesterday. R.I.P.

This Blog revolution is winding down, and I'm not sure how long we will be around. Know that, although it may be a bit of time between posts, I am going to keep the Party going till the wheels fall off.

JamieFoxx Ft. LilWeezy-NumberOne

Busy Signal-About My Money (Showtime 2K9 Riddim)

Vybz Kartel-Court Case

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santogold & Jay-Z--->

New Jay-Z featuring a sample from the latest Santogold.
Brooklyn Big Up...

Santogold-Shove It

Jay-Z-Brooklyn Go Hard

Jump It

Cyaan Frighten Mix Available Online

My homeboy Big Skip over at Super Duty Tough Work and his brand Heavy Manners has collaborated with Tribe Of Kings' own Dash Eye, to bring you a scary hardcore dancehall mix hosted by the one and only Demarco.

Although the mix has been in circulation since Halloween, via The Fader, which eventually bogged down the og server, it is now being linked pon a new server, and us here at the Party support this project to the fullest.

Go straight to the blog and link it.
Click Here To Reach Download link

Jump It.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Funk Is It's Own Reward: 7 International Funk Jumpers pt. 1

I been sleeping on my peoples, so I am flashing 7 international funk joints as a token of my apologies.

Things are busy round these parts, which is a blessing, so give thanks for sticking around...

Jump It........Hugh

7 International Funk Jumpers


From New York City, this side band is a collaboration between Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and The Budos Band. Sound familiar?


Mega rare 45rpm. Holler at your boy if you got a spare copy. The Universals out of Florida.


American producer extraordinaire David Axelrod. You should already know bout him.



Alright. I'm stumped. I know they're African. Just Jump these mugs.

Ravi Shankar's nephew. Super bad indian boogie.


Dave Pike ain't really Indian, but this is some old Psychedelic ish to make you flashback...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008



Just a public service announcement to all Soundmen worldwide.

The Dub Plate game is grimey, causes headaches, and full of snakes. Those that are throwing their hat in the dub plate ring are definietly in for some ups and downs.

This is an example of what you do not want to get from a dub plate "Broker" that says he can get you a Damien Marley Dub Plate for 100 dollars. First of all, if you have a good link for dubs, and they offer you a 100 dollar dub plate, you are probably getting a good link up. If you are getting a first time offer from someone peddling dub plates, and they offer one of the biggest artists in the industry for 100 dollars, BEWARE!

In The Dub Plate game, there is a term used for certain dubs called Splice Dubs. This is where someone gets a dub plate, then renders it and inserts a fake artist shouting out the crew that ordered the dub. This is a gambit, and gives the sound business a bad name. Everyone runs into these when building their initial dub plate links in Jamaica, and some people make careers doing this type of thing. Be weary of Myspace posts, and spam e-mails saying "Big Dub Session" or "Mavado dubs for 150 dollars".

Here is an example of Splice Dub Fuckery, courtesy of San Diego's Champion Sound. Trust me when I say we ended up getting justice, and receiving some wicked dubs in this ones place, but this sucks.

Jamrock Splice Dub-Fake Damien Marley

Notice how the voice changes between the authentic Jr. Gong Intro, and the parts where the crew shout outs are done.

I get a kick out of hearing this type of thing, just because some fools really think they can get away with this type of foolishness. The reason they can, is some of you out there are not well informed. So lets make sure we are smart, and don't give these guys a meal from a scam!

Jump It, Don't Splice It...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Experience Tribute

I'm not sure if you are aware, but Jimi Hendrix is my all time favorite. Above and beyond Hip-Hop, Reggae, etc... He is the beginning of many things that I love about Rock and Roll, as well the music that spawned from it.

This is our Tribute To Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding and Buddy Miles.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band Of Gypsys.

It's not a mix so I can try and show you how sick I am on the cut, these guys deserve more than that. If I were given the license to put together a comp, I'd shoot for something like this.

Party At 45 RPM Tribute Vol. 1

01 Midnight- Jimi just rips into this instrumental right off the bat. I believe it was released on War Heroes originally, which was a set of Rare and Obscure studio tracks.

02 Who Knows-If you are already familiar with Band Of Gypsys, then you got this one memorized. Originally released on the Band Of Gypsys Live album If you didn't know, it's Buddy Miles on the drums.

03 Born Under A Bad Sign-Fonky Blues instrumental. Kind of kills it. First time I saw this was on the "Blues" album.

04 I Don't Live Today- The Experience from their first release. Heavy duty.

05 Driving-The Experience recorded in the BBC studios in London for Alex Korner's Radio show. Guitar solo the whole way. Kills.

06 If 6 Was 9- From The Experience's second album. Sparse but harsh. Mellow but MAAAD!

07 Villanova Junction-Jimi Hendrix's performace at Woodstock may be the most remembered and revered of the latter part of the 20th Century. Villanova Junction was part of the Star Spangled come down, toward the end of his set. MURDER...

08 Earth Blues- This is from a bootleg of a rehearsal session with the Band Of Gypsys prior to their Historic performance New Years 1969-70 at the Fillmore East.

09 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)- From the third and final offical Experience album "Electric Ladyland". It's a long one, so twist up something nice.

10 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)- This is the only Studio version I've heard of this, but was first turned onto it by his live performance in Hawaii, released as part of a movie called "Rainbow Bridge". Looked for it for awhile, before the whol;e internet thingy.

11. South Saturn Delta-First time I heard this was on this weird audio-mentary called Lifelines. It might have been finished posthumously, but it's interesting because he is playing alongside The Brecker Brothers. Smashes regardless.

12. Killing Floor- BBC recording. The big guitar men in the business around Jimi's time feared Hendrix because of his rendition of Howling Wolf's classic. Kills all the way through.

13 Bold As Love- From The Experiences second album "Axis: Bold As Love". One of the illest compositions I can think off.

14. Purple Haze- LIVE IN SAN DIEGO. To my folks from Daygo, your parents are probably at this joint from 1969 at the San Diego Sports Arena.

Alot of lesser known tunes I would say, but some of my favorites. Long live Hendrix.

Rock It

Thursday, November 13, 2008

R.I.P. Mitch Mitchell

Man. Mitch Mitchell was a wicked drummer. He actually inspired me to try the drums out, which lead to beatmaking which lead to...

Mitch was originally trained as a Jazz drummer, and played with some pretty hip London Blues bands (See Georgie Fame) before linking up with Chas Chandler and Jimi Hendrix for an audition. Just listening to drum break on Little Miss Lover, and hearing Busta Rhymes "Row Row Like A Dungeon Dragon" shows Mitch's power on the skins. Pretty incredible also, is the way he keeps the drums steady moving on "Manic Depression" as the whole rhythm and melody floats over the top.

Rest in Power to the whole Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mitch Mitchell of which, was the last surviving member.

I'm growing weary of having to say R.I.Power to so many legends this year. Buddy Miles, who backed up Jimi Hendrix during the infamous Band of Gypsies performances also passed not too long ago. Please, no more legends passing in 2008!

Jimi Hendrix Experience-Little Miss Lover (Live On BBC)

Jimi Hendrix Experience-Manic Depression

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Text Messages

I got a grip of them yesterday. Here are some of my favorites:

"Obama the first black President!! Free bbq chicken, chitlins', watermelon, and 40's at the White House tomorrow. Be there & bring blunts! We run this shit now!"

"They have a sign up sheet for volunteers to help Bush pack his shit and get the fuck out on Nov. 5th. I put us down for the 3-8 shift."

"Wow...some truly unbelieveable shit"

"Barack around the clock tonight!"

"Just a reminder to shave your genitals today...It's the last day for Bush"

"Straight to Pakistan!!!!!!"

Here is some celebratory music for all the stoned dancers this week...
Jah Cure & Wayne Marshall-So High
Big Up Massachusetts for decriminalizing possession of u nder an ounce of Marijuana.

Jump it!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

HOPE: I hope I'm wrong

I've been trying not to get into it with anybody regarding the election. I have a viewpoint that has made people get up in arms with me. Like most of my beliefs, I just kind of keep them to myself so that I don't outwardly offend people.

I think Baseball is shit, and I don't promote it. I think Sodomy is nasty, and do not promote it. I think Christmas is an excuse to boost Mega Corporations sales at the end of the fiscal year, and not to celebrate Jesus.

This is my blog though, and Nov. 4th is approaching, so I can say pretty much whatever the hell I want.

BRAND NEW Dead Prez-Politrikkks mp3

I think voting is a farce.

The Generations before me have this saying, that if you don't vote, you don't have the right to make a complaint. That actually makes alot of sense, back then.

The election of 2000, and the events therein completely convinced me that our beloved Democracy died right there and then. The end of innocence. It might have been decades before that, but it became mighty apparent to me that night while watched the news coverage of the election. We voted, and We voted for Al Gore. Yet George Bush became the President. How did that happen? How could it?

I believe that we really didn't have a choice. There was a plan set into place, and George Bush had to win in order for it happen. The plan was introduced by W's father, George Sr., when he unveiled his plan for New World Order.

For 8 years our country faced perilous calamity, and things are fucked. But we had hope that the powers that be would be dishing out Justice from 9-11, and we would be able to rid the world of the vicious Terrorists.

Of course this looked bad for the Republicans. Their policies had thrown THE WORLD into a state of fear, hatred, and danger. Our economy has been destroyed, our homes are being taken, our pockets are emptying out and hope is all but lost. And I believe this is by design.

We have lost hope that things will get better.

When the people are hungry, you promise them food. When the people are poor, you promise them money. When the people have no voice, you promise them a voice. When the people have no hope, you promise them hope.

Symbolically, Barack Obama is an icon for change when people are demanding it. He is a symbol of the progress Black people have made in gaining a foothold in a country that has done everything to hold them back as much as possible. Just 50 years after Blacks were "given" the right to vote, they now have a champion that gives them hope of actually being given their propers as Human Beings with the same Human Rights that White Folks have hoarded for centuries.

Where most try to avoid the race card in this election, lets just get to the point. Barack Obama is going to be getting most of the Black vote, because of his color. Why has there been such a registration boom by Black voters?

It's a sign that our country is moving beyond it's hatred of those not White, and why wouldn't any Americans with ANY common sense get with that program. He speaks directly to those that are hurting from the mistakes the administration before him made, and he promises change.

Give the people a choice between the oldest Presidential nominee in history, with his STUPID ass excuse for a Vice Presidential nominee, next to someone that shows NO flaws, who are the people going to vote for, and be satisfied with? I have seen the same videos you have seen, with mad racist fucks in the midwest saying stupid ass ignorant shit. Any of us with common sense have seen this and made it a point to vote and fight against these people. But it just seems to hold the same realism as an episode of Survivor. They just look like they are starving, but they aren't forced to starve.

I tell you what. A part of me really wants to believe him. A part of me has been waiting for him like Jesus. Seemingly straight talk, and a bold maneuver away from the things that have ruined our taste for the government.

But are we being naive? Are we falling victim to another wolf ticket salesman? I believe so.

The machine we call America has so much riding on the line, that one man cannot come into the pit and change the world. Just as George W. Bush, who came off as the biggest idiot this country has ever called president, was the face of the country, he was merely a puppet. Unfortunately, I see Obama as being the face of the same machine. The more we are divided between ourselves as Red & Blue states, Republican and Democrat parties, Liberals and Conservatives, the more we are being duped into thinking they are not one in the same.

I believe this charade we call elections, is already set. Barack Obama is our next president. We will be relieved that things are going to change. When they don't we are going to say, it's ok, he's still trying to change it. Because he's Barack Obama and we believe in him as much as we did Martin Luther King Jr., or JFK. Yet when the genuine articles were in a position of power, they were killed in cold blood by the same people who made sure the 2000 elections became a coup de tat.

So when my good friend was appalled by the fact that I would not vote this November, we got into a heated argument. He told me this was the only way for my voice to "officially" be heard. Just because the Presidency was hijacked before, and our votes did not matter then, they must matter now. Because we HOPE we still have a hand in what going on with our country, and have some sort of say in what our representatives do.

I'm not mad at people who vote. I don't look down at them, or think I'm smarter than them because I believe in some Kooky conspiracy theories. I think it is shameful that we are criticized for speaking out, yet are encouraged to have our voices heard in this one little gesture given to us as our democracy bonus. Being an accessory to something as degrading as lying to an entire country, and empowering them with a false sense of importance under the guise of Democracy does not sit well with me, and I can't in good conscience be a part of it.

Am I saying you shouldn't vote? No. You should do what your heart tells you to do. That's what I'm doing.

Am I Anti-American? No. I don't believe so. Do I have a better plan? No I don't believe so. Am I going to fall into line with the rest of us who believe what we are being told? No, I don't believe so.

Either way, I hope I'm wrong. I hope that Barack Obama is going to defy History's lessons, and make good on changing this country for the better. We need it. And if I am wrong, I will gladly admit it because I am not entirely hopeless yet.

Maybe just jaded.

Monday, October 20, 2008

R.I.P. Rudy Ray Moore-A.K.A. DOLEMITE

At 81 years old, Rudy Rae Moore has joined the list of legends we have lost this year. Rudy's raw X-Rated rhyming comedy was one of the prototypes for Rap music. His stand up was NASTY (See numerous 2 Live Crew samples), and his movies were BANANAS (See The Human Tornado).

Since I been on the cinema kick, I will start you off with this likkle gem, and you can follow up by watching his other crazy flicks.

Rest In Peace Rudy. You have given us HOURS of laughs!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rest In Peace Fadda Ellis

R.I.P. ALTON ELLIS 1944-2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Here is the official word on Alton Ellis

As read on

"Rumors were dispelled this week by family members of Alton Ellis, who is very much alive, yet very weak in his battle with lymphatic cancer.

The legendary rock steady/reggae singer has been hospitalized for several weeks now in the UK and his son Clive told The Star that the family is not very optimistic at this point for Alton’s chances of surviving this cancer fight.

Saying his dad is having serious trouble breathing, and remains motionless and mum, his son said the family is regretfully unable to hope for the best, but is anticipating the worse at this time. Clive said Alton is very weak but he is still here."

Man this is bummin me out!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get Well Fadda Ellis

Man...I fell for another internet rumor. I was so shook by it that my original post was a rest in peace.

Get Well Soon Fadda Ellis!

This is but a sliver of wood from the beams that built the house of Reggae music. Some of my favorite Alton Ellis Classics.

Alton Ellis-Rock Steady
One of the initial tunes to set off the Rock Steady movement.
Alton Ellis-Cry Tough (Extended Version)
One of the roughest Rude Boy cuts known to mankind.

Alton Ellis-Ain't That Loving You
Ain't That Loving you was remade famous by another fallen soldier, Dennis Emmanuel Brown.
Alton Ellis-Mad Mad
Mad Mad is the original version of what has come to be known as the "Diseases" riddim, recoined by the tune by Michigan & Smiley of that name.

Alton Ellis-I'm Still In Love
Another Monster Classic that has been covered and remade numerous times. You should already know bout this one...
Alton Ellis-I'm Just A Guy
I'm Just A Guy Riddim eventually became known as the "Vanity" riddim, and is another heavily recut riddim.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer Tour Pt. 4: Coast To Coast

Now that I've settled back into my cozy house in Daygo, I'm finally getting around to my photos. Please bare with me with the amount of pics, and lack of tunes.


Truckee is a community that lies along Lake Tahoe in Northern California. The mountain men and women made their way out, and were a pretty wild crowd. When I first rolled in, I couldn't believe they were about to squeeze 1500 people in this "Theater", but it filled up and cracked off.

Pepper rocking out.

This is Bubbler. A veteran keyboardist, that plays with Sly & Robbie. Bubbler has played keys on many important Reggae tunes, including the opening keys on Althea & Donna's "Uptown Top Ranking".

Butte, Montana (That's BEWT not Butt)

I woke up, not knowing to expect of Montana. When I exited the bus, we were on this block which looked like a run down ghost block from the 20's. Our show was in an old Railway station, that was transformed into a venue. The inside of the depot was converted into a dancehall/concert hall and we set up outside in the parking lot. Since I am an avid freight graff lurker, I took this time to walk the line and check it out.

Caught a Sever piece, circa 02

No train lurk would be complete without catching a hobo tag by the one and only Solo Artist. "Widely Unknown Indeed".

Some good old Montana rebel graff.

Cherinne Anderson blessing the Butte crowd

Kaleo. Guitarist for Pepper.

Brett. Bassist for Pepper.

C Money and Dela, the horn section for Slightly Stoopid. THis was the first session I saw where Sly and Robbie joined the boys onstage with Half Pint.

My bredren Alkebulan was telling me that this kind of show would make no money in Jamaica because the fans would park outside and stand on top of their cars to watch. I guess the same holds true for Butte.

As we rolled into the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, we were expecting this to be the peak of our tour. Unfortunately, it was raining and cold when we arrived. SLEET even. I walked the bleachers to get a view of the place, and it's incredible. Mad music legends have graced this natural amphitheater, including U2 when they filmed their live DVD.


Half Pint with Slightly Stoopid doing soundcheck.

Sly Dunbar.

About 10,000 people in attendance. Due Paid.

This is the most folks I ever played in front of, yet my favorite part of the show was the after party. I loaded my rig into the trailer, and made my way to a dressing room 3 flights above the stage built into the rocks. With only about 4 people in the spot, I immediately spotted Half Pint on the mic by himself, singing over Studio One versions. Within minutes the whole place was packed, and ramming as the mic got passed around and everyone was dancing. Peter Gayle, Half Pint, C-Money, OG, and myself traded mic duties, and the place got hot! (Didn't have no time for flix)

Salt Lake City

What a f'n wasteland. Smells like rotten death, overrun by mosquitoes, and hot as shit. (The city is nice though.)

Don't be fooled, this isn't the beach you're used to.

The Great Salt Air

Sly said he likes to sit low on his kit, because it feels like he's driving a race car.

Robbie Shakespeare, Nambo Robinson, and Stepper

The crowd at the Salt Air

New York City

We pulled into Secaucus NJ, and I immediately jumped on transit, and headed into the city. I met up with my boy Jay, and he took me on a Dutch Master clouded tour of the Lower East Side. We ate at Kate's Diner, which is one of the wickedest Vegan diner I ever been to. They must have been fimling some show, cuz the block was filled with 70's cars, including this fuzz cruiser which was even manned by some 70's looking Detectives.

I had the open faced Ruben, equipped with Vegan Corned Beef, Kraut, and Vegan Cheese. This place was off the hook, and they even had an ajoined bar. A Class!

Here's some other flicks I snapped

OG Jammy's Dub Plate. Apparently while digging for records, you can find these around town. WICKED!



This dude Curtis was up pretty thoroughly on our route.

We trooped across the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn for tourist sakes.




We made it to a bar that served 32 oz. beers in styrofoam cups, and strolled around and smoked blunts.

We ended up at a bar and checked for DJ Queen Majesty, and ran into my boy Jon Cardiel. Small world.

After hitting Max Fisch's, I hit car service (way better than a cab) and stumbled into the bus about 5am, which was parked outside of Roseland Ballroom. The show was the next night and was pretty slamming! WE trooped around the tunnels below the historic venue, and blew some more Dutch's.



After the show, I made a solo mission down to Times Square, and soaked it in for a minute. The place is sensory overload, with more blazing advertisements than I've ever seen in 5 blocks.



Thats enough for now. I will finish my tour log with my next entry.

Big Up Jay for taking time our of your hustle to show me the city.