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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wusupdate: February Marathon

COPS is pretty wicked sometimes. I came home from the Studio tonight, clicked on the thing, and there are three big old corn fed White cops pinning down a Rastaman, and wrangling him up for what seemed to be a nickel bag of sensi. The Rastaman yelled "Of course it's herb. That's my meditation, that's my religion. Selassie I is my God. Yahweh is my God..." With that they lifted him off the ground, and tossed him in the back of the squad car, handcuffed. Allegedly he threatened to bring his gun back to a grocery store and kill everyone. The Cops said the Ras was getting unruly, and they pulled him back out of the car and threw him to the ground again. All the while saying "Do I look like I give a fuck?!?!"
But in the mean time

Since I been lagging on the posts, here are some of my excuses for my lack of communication:

USA 7s Rugby Tournament,
Tribe Of Kings Presents The West Indies Team Afterparty
Feat. Selector C-Cyde alongside Roache (Bermuda) PLUS Khari Kill (Trinidad)

Big up to Cass, and the West Indies Rugby team for linking with us, making this thing happen. I went on Saturday to watch the tournament, and still couldn't explain the general rules of play for Rugby. It looks fun, rough, and apparently easy to lose by 60 points. Fortunately, the real excitement for the weekend was the live performace at our Sunday night Reggae Jam "Uptown Top Ranking". First of all, if you have never heard Roache or Khari Kill, then go straight to the bottom of the paragraph. These two are such talented singers and mic men, they had the whole house ramming. We not only had the West Indies Team in the house skaning it up, we had mad Kenyans (whose Rugby team had MAD fans in attendance at the game).
The clincher was the Wii Bowling Session with Roache and Khari. Big Up!

Picture Of Selassie-Khari Kill (Truth & Rights Riddim)

Tall Boots-Roache (Doctor Bird Riddim)


I flew to SF to play for 15 minutes, which actually turned out to be 2-15 minute sets since we were guests to the city. This event was hosted by San Francisco's up and coming promoter Sonny Phono. While the session seemed like it would become a circus, Sonny kept the DJs at bay, and the crowd hyped. I had the pleasure of playing with one of my DJ mentors, Mr. Mike Czech from the nationally syndicated Scratch and Sniff Show, as well as skilled Bay DJs like B Cause, Sake One, Keep Em Running, and others. I was hyped to have Sara from Landlord Jim's and Stephanie from Voz Alta out there with us to help rep for SD. I ended up having the time of my life. If you are in the Bay, and you missed this one, look out for the next installment coming soon!


Bob Marley Day Concert (Or tribute to the legends as they've been forced to call it) was smashing. We played the long expired Arena Lounge inside San Diego Sports Arena, all day. I got to see Capleton, Gentleman, Queen I-frica, Don Carlos, Barrington Levy, and Gregory Issacs ft. Sly & Robbie. The whole show was real poppin', and am glad I got to participate. Capleton took the show...As well as Queen I-frica.
Prophet Rise Again-Capleton
Stop Genocide-Queen Ifrica (Gangsta Law Riddim)

I DJed a wedding I never thought I'd see. Best wedding I've ever been apart of. My man Oscar Jordan tied the knot with his new Wife Cora, and it was bananas!!! Congratulations OJ, BOH! First off, I was setting up the sound when in comes the owner of Fargo's Jamaican BBQ here in San Diego, ready to set up the catering. Best Jamaican food in Daygo. I got to chill with old school heads like Kanten Russell and Peter Smolik, plus my regular cast of posse I haven't been able to chill with as of late. OJ C-Walked down the aisle at the end of the cermony. The reception included a 20 minute rap cypher, a 20 minute "Get Retarded in the Reception" Hyphy session which ended in a broken table, and a party room full of tree smoke. Best ever.

Juice and Son

Those are just a couple of the jumpoffs this month, and there are more to come for certain...
My apologies for the lack of posts, as you can see it's been busy.

Jump It
H. Knight

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mykal Rose-Shoot Out (VIDEO)

Been mad busy, but soon come...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stupid Tuesday: Politrix As Usual

I'm not really sure whats going on here. I've been trying to keep an eye on the whole Presidential charade. I had heard that the personal bickering between candidates and mud slinging is more prevelant before Super Tuesday.

Obama and Clinton both must have had their chains yanked from speaking too freely. They looked like they were on a date at the last debate. It's become this drawn out drama, with Hillary shedding tears on more than one occasion. They are both pretty much hollering the same thing, yet the historical value of this ticket can't be overlooked. But is making History really the goal of this election? To bring on the first Black President, or Female president? Call it what you want, but alot of folks aren't looking past that. Of course people are unhappy with what the past 8 years of Republicanism has brought us, and looking forward to a different United States is on alot of people's minds.

A different United States is going to take more than a reimplementation of recycled ideals, under a new name. It's going to take a Revolution. Obama seems to be the most accesable choice for such a thing. Yet is he really going to Revolutionize our country? I had to agree with the general consensus, to completely deny any credibility to the current Republican regime, and almost gave up hope that the Democrats would be the lesser of two evils. My thick headedness almost made me miss one of the most important arguments put forth during this Presidential Race.

Our American Empire has drifted away from it's cornerstone of Liberty, and has fallen victim to it's own tyranny.
Why does the average person get lost in these candidates' rhetoric? They are Babyling. There is not straight talk.

Or so I thought

Ron Paul is a Republican. That fact made me deaf to Paul until recently, and is making me rethink the way everything is done. He is more Conservative than John McCain, yet more Left Wing than Obama/Clinton. He has been attacking a more serious threat to our country than other candidates are bold enough to address. What could be more of a threat than the "Terrorists" to our country? Our own Government!

The more we rely on the people in power to make our lives better, the more we can begin to see that America is a modern day plantation. Freedom is, in part, about using our powers as individuals to live life as we see fit. Why does that seem like a laughable notion these days? Why is everyone keeping the real threats on the hush tip?

Because they are all in the same gang.

I'm not telling anyone who to vote for, or choosing a side. I'm just putting it out there for those who haven't listened to Ron Paul after listening to everyone else. Just listen to Ron Paul after watching part 3 of Zeitgeist The Movie, and see how integral the printing of money, and inflation rates are in the enslavement of our country.

Revolution A Come 3 Pack
While we're on the topic, here is a little set to put you in the mood for Super Tuesday. Hugh Mundell's "Revolution a Come", Paul Blackman's "Earth, Wind, and Fire", and Augustus Pablo's "Revolution Dub". Let's get it together!

Friday, February 1, 2008

100 Lbs. Of Herb Chune


So far 2008 has shown me plenty of love in the Herb Arena. I may be spending the rest of the year trying to find a strain that can top the "Headband" strain I kicked the year off with. "Headband" is supposedly a hybrid from Sour Diesel, and Kush. East Coast meets West Coast, and it wraps around your brain like a Headband, apparently.


This will be the first of 12 installments this year, concerning music (mostly Reggae) dedicated to Marijuana.

Max Romeo-Quarter Pound Of Ichense

Max Romeo started his career on the Rude Boy, Rock Steady tip. As times and trends were changing, Max Romeo was linking with Lee "Scratch" Perry for sessions that would unltimately define his career. While his most heralded work with Scratch was "War Inna Babylon", many other tunes from the Black Ark sessions with Romeo are top notch. This tune is availale on the compilation Open Up The Iron Gate

Linval Thompson-Marijuana

Linval Thompson is a Legendary Reggae singer, as well as producer and owner of "Thompson Sound" label. This tune has got to be an International Herb tune, skipping through thoughtful metaphors, and getting straight to the point. I Love To Smoke Marijuana. The album, "I Love Marijuana" was recorded at Channel with the legendary Drum and Bass duo Sly & Robbie. Linval has mad tunes under his belt, and many quality hits.

Barrington Levy-Sensimilla

Barring Levy requires no introduction. Neither should his monumental album Poorman Style. Another Linval Thompson production, featuring the legendary Roots Radics band at Channel One. This is just one of many wicked Barrington Levy tunes about weed, which will indeed follow.

Welton Irie-Chalice

Welton Irie is a hard, hard Deejay whose career made the most noise during the late 70's, early 80's. He was originally partnered up with the legendary Lone Ranger to record with Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. Welton's dues were paid on classic sounds like Echo Sound, Gemini Sound, and Virgo Sound. The album that features this tune, Reprobate features backing by Roots Radics, and mixed by Dub Reggae legend Scientist. Welton flips a wicked stutter delivery of his Herb enduced chorus, over a solid version of the Full Up Riddim.
(I was looking for a picture of a Telephone Chalice, if somebody wants to kick down)

Frankie Jones-Don't Smoke The Seed

I can't say I have much knowledge of Frankie Jones, other than the 4 Showdown, or Two Artist Clash, albums. He has released those alongside artists like Pad Anthony, Johnny Clarke, Patrick Andy, and the album featuring this wicked weed tune with Micheal Palmer entitled "Showdown Vol. 4" on Hitbound label. Roots Radics once again lay the foundation for a solid Roots Reggae album, in an early 80's dancehall style.

Blaze it!