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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Politrix as Usual-04/08

Food for Thought: Mexico, Canada, and USA, coming together to create one larger body of land under one government. "One bank, One Army, One center of power." The North American Union (or, get used to it, NAU), and the Amero are part of a grand scheme that consolidates power over an entire continent.

Right now, mad powers are at work to build a mega border across the entire Mexican/American down here from Cali to Texas. The border to top all borders. Not the case on our Northern borders, yet all three countries are apparently unifying. So why would so much emphasis be put on building a complex border system, when the goal for the near future is a borderless system underneath the umbrella of the NAU? If we are moving towards unfiying, why is this "Wall" being built at the same time? Our gated community that will import cheap labor, yet attempt to keep deny entry to those who carry a chunk of the machine's maintenance.

Choose your own conclusion, but it looks like we are building a country sized Ghetto. (Berlin?)

War-The World Is A Ghetto

Food for Thought: Power to which people? All power to all people? Or is it reserved for those who are created from the same bloodline? (See Illuminati if you got some time to kill, and some time to create your own theory).
Bush, Cheney, Obama share same bloodline

Be forwarned my fellow Americans, all is not as it seems.

Leo Graham-3 Blind Mice

It took a lot longer to build Rome than to burn it...

Max Romeo

Max Romeo-No Peace

Jump It Like You're Out Of Time...

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