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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last weekend was another installment of the LA Rumble, one of California's biggest Sound Clash's. It was LA's Black Gold, OC's JFX, and SF's Jah Warrior Shelter. If someone would have asked me who would win, I would have put my money on Jah Warrior. Black Gold came through with Big Tunes though. Same with JFX. I am posting a link to the Audio so that you can find out for yourself. I'm also attaching a link to a segment we played on our Radio show Royal Jelly Reggae Show on which features pre-clash interviews with all the sounds, put together by my bredren Dash Eye. Check it out, and leave a comment on the outcome...

CLICK HERE for LA Rumble Audio.

CLICK HERE for Royal Jelly Pre-Clash Feature.


shema said...

It’s Soundclash time again! Yes massive, join us for our fifth chapter of the Annual LA Rumble. After a successful 45 Shootout (“Judgement Day”, July 09), we’ll be returning to one of Los Angeles premiere reggae venue-the Salaam temple on Saturday December 12th 2009. The event is proudly sponsored by REGGAEEVENTS.COM and reggae giant VP RECORDS for what will be billed as one of the ALL-TIME best West Coast clashes!

It is our 5th year so we decided to add a segment to the LA Rumble. We are proud to announce that local sounds will be showcased in a “Juggling to Kill” format. Make no mistake: they have made an impact on the scene and are ready to shine on this platform. The sounds include: 1 Love Sound (Selecta Easy B, Biggy & Soldier), Fayah Heart Sound (Dj Blocc & Selecta Gill), POSITIVE RHYTHM (DJ Hier - Pum Pum Tuesdays), and The Fayah Squad (Glamma D & Dj Mike).

The Juggling to Kill will be served as an appetizer to the main course: this year’s LA RUMBLE which will feature last year’s Los Angeles contender but now newly relocated to Japan: BLACK GOLD SOUND. Their dubplate arsenal shocked the crowd and gave the winner a run for their money. Some may beg to differ. Two-time champions JAH WARRIOR SHELTER HI-FI (San Francisco) are back once again to defend their title. LA fans are well aware of the depths of their crates and decided of their fate two years in a row before they even reached the tune for tune. This year’s LA Rumble will feature 2 newcomers but veterans in this business! Their contribution to the clash arena speaks for itself: they have participated in high level clashes since the 80’s! New York’s infamous EARTH RULER will be returning in Los Angeles after a 10 year hiatus. Last but not least, Florida’s most notorious killing sound POISON DART will also participate. We are honored to have this lineup for this year’s LA RUMBLE hosted by our very own MC Lightfoot. He has been a constant since the inception of this exclusive event. Come one, come all, tell a friend, wake the town: you simply can’t afford to miss this year’s LA RUMBLE.

Shema said...

The sixth Annual LA Rumble will be held Saturday, December 11th 2010 at the Salaam Temple in Los Angeles. Massive Productions will once again keep the sound system culture in the forefront with their marquee event.

Pound for pound, this is the best west coast clash and one of the very few remaining worldwide annual competitions that won't disappoint its patrons and will surely be slated as second to none! This year’s lineup includes two powerhouses in the clash industry and two west coast sounds that have earned their tickets to the Annual LA Rumble. The sound will be provided by Keilamym and will be hosted by Lightfoot-both staples to this event, 5 years and counting.

Introducing Broken Silence, the Bay area powerhouse with selectors Dans 1 & Mickey C. They will be making their debut to this year’s LA Rumble where they hope to bring the trophy back to the Bay Area, which was previously held by Jah Warrior Shelter for 2 consecutive years. Their resume includes a trophy in the San Francisco's annual Club Dread's Sound Clash.

They might be fairly new to the Los Angeles area but make no mistake, Seven Star Int'l plan on wholeheartedly representing the City of Angels. In a few years, this Jamaican multimedia transplant has risen to the top of the local entertainment scene. Their portfolio comprises of music production, artist management, stage shows & a brand new entertainment venue. Look out for their new & old catalog of musical specials and their charismatic mic man, Crystal Clear.

Die-hard clash fans all over the world have embraced the team of Ajax (MC), Mr. Lee (Selector) & Father Blunt, as one of the top US Sound Systems. The Bronx, NYC-based BLUNT POSSE intends to uphold their reputation in this year's Annual LA Rumble. They have clashed world-renown sounds and have been victorious in the US and more impressively, overseas!

Last but not least, Winner of the 2009 LA Rumble, Tampa, Florida’s POISON DART clearly does not need an introduction to the clash arena. It doesn't matter which clash they participate in, they are always picked as a competitive contender. Dj Kirky C & MC Taranchyla look forward to defending their title.

The early fire duties will go to LA's own Dj Fyness and Selecta 7, Long Beach's Legend Sound and San Diego's Shotta Crew. This event is sponsored by REGGAEEVENTS.COM & VP Records.

You simply cannot afford to miss this one as the countdown has officially begun. Who will take home the trophy of this annual stellar event? Let us know your thoughts. Log on to and leave a comment, find out more information about each participating Sound System and stay up to date with upcoming Annual LA Rumbles

May the best sound win!

Shema "Fly"

Massive Productions, CEO

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