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Friday, August 31, 2007


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I was thinkin of doin a political post, and thought, why? I just want a reason to rant today. Politics is just another game I don't really like to watch, similar to Baseball. Basically they both pay their players way too much money to stand around and adjust their jocks, catch a couple flies (Like any good piece of shit does), and take advantage of as many photo ops as possible. They are in the game for decades, but only really get about 4 years of fame (Some 2, some more).


Which leads my brief rant to another point of agitation! Rage Against The Machine. I missed their show in San Francisco, and been bent since. I was thinkin about Rage. Their significance in Rock N Roll history, as well as political history. To rock, they were another "Message" band, and I bought right into it. Being in that place in my life, where I wanted to rebel against everything I saw fit. Rage was a good vehicle, and resource, as well as Political Editorial. They rocked the boat during the Clinton Era, at a time when The President was villified for his Sexual dealings.

Rage was there when we needed a kick in the ass, but then they disappeared when we really needed them. When the Neo-Cons took advantage of the 911 trgedy to implement the beginning of their New World Order, there was no voice of dissent. Seems ironic that when the world most needed RATM, they were busy performing with Soundgarden guy (Chris something or other). When we really needed to stick it to the man, We were getting introduced to 50 Cent.

I'm not mad at Rage, especially since they kill it. Just a shame that at a time when they could have had the biggest impact on the USA, they were nowhere to be found...

And what's up with Zach's Hip-Hop album? Anybody care to send me a leaked version that I have never seen or heard before?

Instead of posting a Rage tune, here's a little jumper that'll bring it all together for you. Jump It.

The Chequers-Get Up Stand Up

Have a good weekend!

JUST ADDED: Like a partial answer to my prayers, the dudes at Wake Your Daughter Up were on the same wavelength. Check it. A partial answer to my query: WAKE YOUR DAUGHTER UP


Rosa T.O.D. said...

I was thinking the same thing a few years ago. All we got was some Dixie Chicks - not as much of an outlet.

Last thing I heard was "March of Death". I think more RATM shows will be popping up, hopfully it will get Zach to release some of the stuff he's been doing.

Sonny Phono said...


I saw it and had tears in my eyes.

I posted it in my wack myspace blog.

post the songs on top so I can listen while I read.

Sonny Phono said...

oh and Sony shelved his record which was finished and supposed to be released 12/01

Hugh Knight said...

Ha...The tune doesn't really go with the writing...But Big Up...

Travis said...

My man chris came up with the Rage posted, I was just as shocked as you (about the Zach stuff, but also someone other than myself posted something) all praise goes to him.