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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Lockers

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The Lockers (originally named The Campbellock Dancers) was a pioneer funk dance and locking group active throughout the 1970s. The group was started in 1973 by Don Campbell, who is considered the founder of the locking dance style, and disbanded in the late 1970s.[1] During this time they influenced many other dance groups, notably the Electric Boogaloos who became famous for introducing popping to the public. The Lockers appeared on many television shows, including Saturday Night Live and Soul Train.[2]

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* 2 Post-Lockers
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[edit] Members

The membership of the Lockers varied throughout the career of the group. For the majority of their existence, the core group consisted of the following:

* Fred "Mr. Penguin" Berry
* Don "Campbellock" Campbell
* Greg "Campbellock Jr" Pope
* Aldolfo "Shabba Doo" Quinones
* Bill "Slim the Robot" Williams
* Leo "Fluky Luke" Williamson

Other dancers appeared at early points during the Lockers' organization to address complaints about the group's lack of racial diversity:

* Toni Basil
* Fawn Quinones
* Deney Terrio

Basil would be the group's manager/promoter during the latter years of their performances. Terrio would go on to host the syndicated Dance Fever show. Fawn Quinones was the sister of Adolfo. These two performed only in the first performance in 1973

There were two other members who were Pioneers of the dance Artform who appeared infrequently on tours and shows, due to time constraints, but are considered full members of the group:

* James "Skeeter Rabbit" Higgins
* Tony "Go Go Lewis"

[edit] Post-Lockers

Adolfo Quinones would go on to some solo success, most notably in crafting the art of breakdancing, and as commercialized in the film Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Toni Basil, who had a successful career as a choreographer prior to joining the Lockers, would go on to achieve pop music success with "Mickey"

Fred Berry would later find greater fame in the role of "Rerun" on the ABC-TV sitcom What's Happening!!. One episode would feature the Lockers, featuring a performance with the entire group except for Toni Basil.

* Hilty and Bosch
* The Go Go Bros. (Tony Gogos sons)

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