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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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I have been a Mantronix fan since the mid-80's. To me, Mantronix embodies the ruggedest form of Hip-Hop, in it's electro form. Electro handclaps matched with huge drums and old school raps. Thats all I need! Mantronix is also responsible for production for some of the roughest Hip-Hop artists known, including Just-Ice and T La Rock.

These tunes take me way back to learning how to breakdance, while bumping Mantronix's "The Cassette" in a rickety ghetto blaster. Break out the parachute pants, put the needle to the groove, and jump it!

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Wick said...

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Wick said...

oops ..

erik hogstrom said...

I have been listening to MANTRONIX this week for the first time in years. I am delighted that Kurtis and MC Tee are as great as I had remembered. Way ahead of their time. Brilliant stuff.