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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


A good friend of mine lost his pops in the World Trade Center Massacre. He always gets furious with me when we talk about 9-11, because of my thoughts on the subject. I always cut myself short, because my opinion becomes salt in an already aching wound. I try to see his side of it, but how can I? If someone killed my pops, I would be rooting for vengeance.

It's hard to try and swallow the "Official" facts we have been fed. I cannot in good conscience just accept things for truth that don't hold any weight. "How's it feel to treated like a sucker? How's it feel to get treated like a bitch?" (see ZEITGEIST for more info)

With that said, I can still be a Patriot. I can still be a proud American. I may not be proud of what a SMALL group of Evil Americans are doing to Human Kind, but I am damn proud of other Americans:



This makes me proud to be an American!

BIG TAKE OVER-(see ZEITGEIST for more info)


Yeah, I'm proud to be American! Jimi Hendrix made me that way...

I was on a couch tour in Ocean Beach that day. I was woken up by my friend's answering machine (remember those?) screaming "Turn on the news. They're attacking New York! They blew up the World Trade Center. Turn on the TV..."

My thoughts go out to all who lost someone that day.

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