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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

200 Lbs of Herb Chune

If you've been to a Reggae Dance hosted by your local Sound System, chances are the place smelled like 100 burning spliffs. The lights were almost non existent, save for when you saw spliff cherries rise into the air as the selector rinsed another big tune. Dancehall Reggae, and Marijuana are close partners, and cannot be seperated by any means. Certain tunes will bust, and no rules or laws can stop the ganja man from blazing his herbs in excitement.

For the second Herb Tune installment, we have the type of tunes that get forwards inside the dancehalls. The type of tunes that make smoke detectors ring. The type of tune that will get you booted from an establishment in the name of Good Good Sensi. Make sure you rizzla is packed tight, and let it blaze

Setting the thing off correctly....

First off, Sanchez is one the smoothest crooners of the Reggae universe, so have him sing a herb tune. Second, you put him on top of a reworking of an All Time Classic Riddim like Love Me Forever. Third you play this tune at maximum level, and you've got a sure fire smokeout. Beware, playing this tune may result in multiple forwards. Have your laser beams ready.

High Grade In My Chalice-Richie Spice
When Richie Spice sings it, he means it. Nothing in this world like the High Grade in my chalice. When he sings it over a big Riddim like Swing Easy, watch the clouds rise. If you aren't already knowing about about Richie Spice, then you are required to check for this!!!

Stalk Of Sensimillia-Mykal Rose
The one time voice of Black Uhuru, became an all time voice for the herb when this remake over the Full Up Riddim first dropped on dancers. Mykal Rose's singing style, which defined Black Uhuru's sound, makes for a solid statement to the heads of those who wish to wipe Weed off the face of the planet. How can you stop it? I got it in my backyard?

Give Me The Weed-Jigsy King
As we move into rougher waters here, the voice of Jigsy King demands an ear. He's not asking for the weed, he's demanding it, like a true Ganja Man. State your demands over a big Riddim like Freedom Blues, and start a revolution! This tune is going to get you the forward, trust me. I played this tune on our Commercial Hip-Hop Station on 4-20, in an attempt to see how far I could go with the herb tunes. I look through the glass, and the DJ, Bobby Loco, is bouncing around in the booth with the gun finger in the air...

Smoke The Herb-Bounty Killer
C'mon yall. I mean, really... this should already be in your box. You should already be really familiar with Mr. Rodney Price, aka Bounty Killer. You should already have a memory of lighting up to this one at a dance. You should already know what kind of reaction this one gets... You should play this tonight!

Got It Right Here-Sizzla
This is another no brainer people! Sizzla's Big Tune catalog is deep, but this one can never be denied it's response from the herb drenched dance-goers. Smoking Marijuana like we just don't care. That should be your motto. It should say that on your business card. That should be your myspace quote. Plan ahead, and engrave it on your headstone. Thank You Sizzla.

Smoking weed is a part of your individual Liberty. So stand up for yourself. Free The Chronic. There's nothing in the world like high grade in my chalice from my Stalk Of Sensimillia, so give me the weed, and smoke the herb. I got it right here if you need it...

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