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Sunday, November 16, 2008



Just a public service announcement to all Soundmen worldwide.

The Dub Plate game is grimey, causes headaches, and full of snakes. Those that are throwing their hat in the dub plate ring are definietly in for some ups and downs.

This is an example of what you do not want to get from a dub plate "Broker" that says he can get you a Damien Marley Dub Plate for 100 dollars. First of all, if you have a good link for dubs, and they offer you a 100 dollar dub plate, you are probably getting a good link up. If you are getting a first time offer from someone peddling dub plates, and they offer one of the biggest artists in the industry for 100 dollars, BEWARE!

In The Dub Plate game, there is a term used for certain dubs called Splice Dubs. This is where someone gets a dub plate, then renders it and inserts a fake artist shouting out the crew that ordered the dub. This is a gambit, and gives the sound business a bad name. Everyone runs into these when building their initial dub plate links in Jamaica, and some people make careers doing this type of thing. Be weary of Myspace posts, and spam e-mails saying "Big Dub Session" or "Mavado dubs for 150 dollars".

Here is an example of Splice Dub Fuckery, courtesy of San Diego's Champion Sound. Trust me when I say we ended up getting justice, and receiving some wicked dubs in this ones place, but this sucks.

Jamrock Splice Dub-Fake Damien Marley

Notice how the voice changes between the authentic Jr. Gong Intro, and the parts where the crew shout outs are done.

I get a kick out of hearing this type of thing, just because some fools really think they can get away with this type of foolishness. The reason they can, is some of you out there are not well informed. So lets make sure we are smart, and don't give these guys a meal from a scam!

Jump It, Don't Splice It...

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