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Friday, December 19, 2008

100th Post: Five Jumpers to end 2008

This is a nice time for Dancehall. A whole trailer load of Big Tunes have been dropping, temporarily overshadowing Reggae's other child, One Drop Culture style. This is beyond the old school big breaks from Hip-Hop with lyrics mixed over the top. This is what I would call "Jamaican Hip-Hop". Though not so much "Yes Yes Yall" as it is "Gangsta", these tunes are nice fixtures here in Southern Cali Dances.

Look for my latest mix with this theme at the New Year, entitle "Shogun Selector", already on the street.

Here is 5 for the end of the year, and to celebrate 100 posts. BLOP BLOP

Collie Buddz-Day & Nite Remix
I received this remix via DJ C-Cyde from Bermuda. To me this tune is MAD! I barely started playin it last week, so let me know if you feel it. I could use some help as to which this is a remx of, but it's wicked!!!

New Kingston-In The Streets (Heavenless Riddim)

I support this young crew to the fullest. They are turning out to be much more talented than my first percepiton, and I know they have a real bright future ahead of them. How could you not, working in the studio with the likes of DJ Pee Wee, also being the i-fficial backup band for Collie Buddz. In The Streets is FIRE!

Kardinal Offishall Ft. Barrington Levy & Busta Rhymes-Number 1 (Tide Is High) REMIX

This remix struck me as almost a new new tune. Hot on the heels of a big tune called "No War" by Barrington Levy ft. Kardinal and Busta, this drops. The original featured Rhianna and is twice as fast as this slow bouncer. Regardless, it's pretty tough and falls right in line with the Hip-Hop Dancehall crossovers.

Charley Blacks-Rich Dis Year

This is the only photo I could find of Mr. Blacks, but the tune speaks for itself. The hustle is on, and the grind is getting ground. 2009 is goin to be big for everyone!

Niether of these artists are new to the party, and I'll be damned of Weezy doesn't just keep poppin up. Ok, I gotta give him his dap:

Jr. Reid Ft. Lil' Wayne-Ghetto Youth Rock

There. Jr. Reid, Lil Wayne, Ghetto Youth Rock, Murder!!!!!!!

Have a safe New Years y'all. Keep it jumpin!!!

Hugh Knight


Humboldt.DJ said...

Blessings and respect from Humboldt.

Collie Buddz tune is a remix of Kid Cudi "Day & Night"

straight fire!

Hugh Knight said...

Respect. I heard someone else bumping the tune in their car last night. Fire for sure...

Did you get to check Dash Eye when he was spinning out there last week?

Link me.

Bless up!